The ‘Be Halina’d’ Toolkit collections for leaders balanced on the edge revealed.

Gain entry to the inner circle of wisdom, information, expertise & definitely not knowing.

  1. Try out the simple yet showstopping Strategies.
  2. Challenge yourself with the Thought-provoking Questions.
  3. Test-drive, be tantalised and teased with Tips & Tricks.
  4. Explore the Tools & Techniques for that elusive competitive edge.

Strategies – the showstopping ones to think big, deeply, in the moment

A strategy is plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim – a desired future state.

For an organisation, strategic planning is top management’s responsibility.

By setting a general direction strategy results from the detailed strategic planning process. The same principle applies to an individual or a team as it does to a company.

Showstopper Strategies need to

  • manage complexity
  • have clarity of purpose
  • be innovative and realistic
  • create breakthroughs
  • solve problems inspirationally
  • have impact and insight
  • make informed decisions.

They give a high-level view of the business landscape that of the soaring eagle. Think deep; think big; think in time.

How can you use these showstopping strategies to improve and develop your work and career?

Check out those Thought-provoking Questions, the Terrific Tips & Tricks, Tools and Techniques.

Thought-provoking Questions to challenge your thinking

Thought-provoking questions

  • focus on what and how plus your why
  • challenge your thinking
  • will push you to the edge of what you think you know
  • elicit information
  • make you think deeper
  • tap into hidden potential and resources
  • disrupt your thinking, your behaviour patterns, habits, assumptions

Asking great questions:

Asking great questions can be easy.

Asking the right question at the right time in the right way can also be easy.

Asking thought-provoking questions takes practice.

Top tip: questions using what and how are excellent for getting information as they are open. Where is also useful as in where do you think we could improve this process for example. Why is a good one to ask oneself to discover purpose and values.

Check out the Supercharged Strategies, the Terrific Tips & Tricks, Tools and Techniques.

Tips & Tricks to tantalise your taste buds

Tips and tricks: where you’ll find all sorts of clever shortcuts, hidden features, how-to guides, tutorials, and troubleshooting advice to help you get the most out of your professional development.

Great for giving the insider knowledge, being part of the inner circle.

Hot tips are a very reliable prediction or piece of inside information to help get a competitive advantage.

  • Tips and tricks are not the answer to everything; they may be the answer to some things.
  • Test drive them and do share what remarkable results you notice.
  • They may be minute or mega.

Check out the Supercharged Strategies, those Thought-provoking Questions, Tools and Techniques.

Tools & Techniques for that elusive competitive edge

Tools for a coaching approach to help with professional and personal development are any ‘instrument or simple piece of equipment that you hold in your hands and use to do a particular kind of work’.

Techniques are a way of carrying out a particular task: a skill or ability in a particular field; a skilful or efficient way of doing or achieving something.

Here you will find a collection of Tools & Techniques to help you with all sorts of challenges, situations, issues. These Tools & Techniques have been collected over many years with appreciation to many teachers along the way. Some have been specially devised whilst innovating with a particular client or team.

All that you find aren’t the answer and maybe an answer. They aren’t the only tool or technique and maybe a tool or technique that resonates with you. They are offered as a collection of ‘how to’. Pick and mix to your heart’s content.

Check out the Supercharged Strategies, those Thought-provoking Questions, the Terrific Tips & Tricks.