Self Assurance

​Strengths Finder: This is Self Assurance, and it’s the fifth in the set of my five strengths. For Self Assurance, the shared theme description is:

People who especially talented in the Self Assurance theme feel confident in their ability to manage their own lives. They possess an inner compass that gives them confidence that their decisions are right.

My personalized strengths insights:

What makes me stand out?

Because of my strengths I may rely on my gut instincts to determine how to react properly to a situation, an individual or a group.

It’s very likely that I occasionally adopt a practical, factual and emotional position on certain issues. Maybe I refrain from becoming sentimental about certain people in their problems.

By nature, I intentionally seek out what is new and different. Unexplored territory appeals to my adventurous spirit. I like to test my limits as a human being in travel, work, sports and thinking.

Even when others worry about my well being, I trust that I can take care of myself.

Chances are good that I routinely engage in exciting and adventurous activities. I refuse to settle for a boring existence. I probably sense that I have much to offer individuals and groups.

Purposeful challenges combined with my realised potential impel me to take risks others avoid.

Instinctively I periodically see myself as the person in charge of people or projects. I might search for positions in which I can be the primary guide director, boss or decision maker.

And then the two questions, as usual.

Q1: As I read my personalized strengths, insights, what words phrases or lines stand out for me? Trust gut instincts + adventurous spirit + seek out what is new & different

Q2: Out of all the talents in this insight, what would I like for others to see most in me? My adventurous spirit