Take a deep breath.
Clear reminder of plan for this week to super achieve goal.

Get even clearer plan for today.
Get even clearer plan for this morning.
Get even clearer plan for each moment.

Spring into action helps … pot of Verveine tea is perfect for concentration. What helps you?

Delight in being focused with beyond expectations of results on the way.

Take another deep breath to clear space for next task.

Stay focused.

Keep to the plan regardless of those seductive shiny things.

Enjoy the results of that actual or virtual list diminishing at speed.

Remember that anything that arrives in my Inbox or Notifications is not my stuff. It’s someone else wanting me to do something. Choose to desist.

Refuse to be diverted by those shiny things no matter how shiny.

Focus on the plan & enjoy the results.

Oooops! set a date by when … that’s crucial. By 31 January 2023. It’s a long list!