Imagine the table is set for dinner. It’s set, with six places, one of which is for you.

There are five other places. You have five invitations.

Who will you invite to join you for dinner? They can be people that are alive or dead. In fact or fiction.

Who will you invite?

I posed this question to the EVO Alchemy Mastermind attendees. And obviously, I needed to have thought about who I would invite to join me for dinner. And these are the people I chose and obviously all of them said yes.

First: Sky Brown, winning the skateboarding bronze medal at the Olympics. The 2021 Olympics. Amazing! Why? because of her sheer delight. That’s why.

Second: Professor Mary Beard. My academic role model, definitely.

Third: Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Director General of the World Trade Organization. Oh, what a powerful role model. What a powerful role model. That’s why I chose her and she wears amazing outfits. Absolutely amazing outfits, and is a ‘don’t mess with me’ very powerful woman.

Fourth: Christine Lagarde formally Head of the International Monetary Fund, then headhunted to be Head up the European Bank. What a shame she didn’t become the Head of our Bank of England, here in the UK. We missed definite opportunity there. So why? Why invite her? My financial guru. She would keep me on track money wise investments, all that sort of stuff, why not to invite her.

Fifth needed a man, definitely needed a man. Needed a male energy there at the table. Thought about it long and hard. Decided that my Papa my English Grandfather was the person I would like to have as the fifth at my dinner table. Why? Because he represents all of my ancestors going way back in time. Also a very wise, very grounded country man.

And because it’s me that set the question. I have a spare just in case. Well, I wasn’t sure if it should have been Sky Brown or Charlotte Worthington. Charlotte Wellington won the gold medal. And her 360 back flip on the mountain bike was just extraordinary. So she’s there as an extra in case. Because yes just amazing! Just amazing! Doing that 360 backflip. Just extraordinary.

Who would you invite to join your for dinner & why? You have 5 invitations to give to people alive or dead; fact or fiction.

Anyway, that is the first part. And the second part will be following soon. As there is a 360 back flip to the original question.