Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – in part 1 you invited 5 guests to join you for dinner.

As your 5 dinner guests leave, to say thank you to you for a great evening they each give you a gift. A great evening full of fascinating, challenging, thought-provoking conversation, unexpected connections, delightful insights, belly laughs galore appreciation of difference and similarity. Both diverse and inclusive. Memories in abundance.

What are those 5 gifts you’re given? Gifts of advice maybe support or challenge? You’ll know exactly what you need for your life, your work, your business. Absolutely spot on will be those gifts.

My gifts were as follows:

Sky Brown – to remember to bring my inner child into my work and celebrate and have fun.

Professor Mary Beard – the power of the strong feminine, to remember that and not diminish it in any way for anyone.

Doctor Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala – to set goals bigger than I can dream because they will happen.

Christine Lagarde – to always check my incentives, always to make sure that my incentives are what’s my value. I think that’s what my incentives are to always hit that sweet spot.

My Papa, my English Grandfather – to always set my objectives clearly, set them in stone, have my plans in sand, not to compromise on objectives. If people are wanting me to compromise to know where my bottom line is. Be prepared to walk away if someone is wanting me to compromise my bottom line.

Then being it was me. I do have an extra …

Charlotte Worthington, that amazing 360 back flipper on her BMX bike – to remember that nothing is impossible unless I choose to make it so.

What will your 5 gifts be? How will you hold yourself to account to actually make those gifts reality? How will you take action and by when?

The end of the month isn’t an appropriate action! Nope, this is when you get to ‘be halina’d’. You need to have an exact date and a time down to the minute, the second even. An action by when would be 31st of August, at 16.39 precisely. That’s action date. That’s an action goal. It will help you remember if you set one as specific as that. It will help you remember to do it.

And I have one already, to do which is to set a goal, bigger than I can dream, and I’m on the way with doing that.

Good luck with the gifts that you will be given.

You can always do this process again. Go back to Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner part 1, choose a different set of 5 guests, and why. Then come to part 2. Ask each of those guests what is the gift you will give me? You can use the 5 guests you have invited as the board of directors that you certainly can’t afford.

There you go, Have fun. Enjoy.