It’s simple really. We can always find 5 minutes. I found this ages ago I’ve got no idea where it came from. It’s a 5 minute energy routine.

5 minutes,. You can always, always, always find 5 minutes.

The Five Minute Energy Routine packs many of the principles of energy medicine and energy psychology into a compact, practical form. It can can be used in the morning to centre yourself before starting your day, or when you’re feeling stressed. This set of techniques also works well any time you’re feeling tired or scrambled; can’t think clearly, feel hysterical or out of control; feel droopy and out of entity, or just need a pick-you-up.

It represents the distilled wisdom of a quarter of a century of practice by the gifted energy healer, Donna Eden. It’s presented with more discussion in her book, Energy Medicine. This abbreviated version is used with her permission for a better understanding of the derivation of the techniques, as well as a host of other methods for use in specific situations. Energy medicine is a valuable guide.

The Five Minute Energy Routine consists of 7 postures and movements. It takes under five minutes to perform. Notice how you feel in your body before doing the routine. How you feel afterwards. Most people who practice the routine, and I do mean practice, and you need to do it regularly. Feel a much shift in the 5 little minutes required to complete the process.

The routine includes:

1. The three Thumps 2. The Cross Crawl 3. The Wayne Cook Posture 4. The Crown Pull 5. Neurolymphatic Massage 6. The Zip Up 7. The Hook Up