Cycles, all connected to the Nine Year Cycles. The Law of Cycles reminds us how the circles and spirals of time loop back on themselves in endlessly repeating patterns and rhythms.

The universe expands and contracts and the rhythm of a cosmic breath that takes billions of years.

Annually the seasons pass and return .

Water falls from the skies. Rises up condenses. Falls again.

Everywhere we see rhythms and cycles.

We also experienced smaller cycles not often noticed in the business of everyday life. Repeating patterns of energy that appear, disappear and reappear cycling upward in time. Rising even higher as we learn the lessons of life, rising towards our destinies.

The primary numbers 1 through 9 provide keys to one kind of cycle.

The value in observing the rhythms and patterns of our life, is that if we can synchronize our personal desires with the larger forces and rhythms, we can harness the power of good timing.

We ride the crest of each wave of energy as we swim with the current in the river of time developing a refined attunement to the natural world.

Even though we retain our birth number, and its associated energies and issues for an entire lifetime we also experience regular progressive cycles through all the primal energies expressed by the numbers 1 through 9.

The year we are born, relates to our primary life purpose. The following year we experienced the energy of the next highest number and so on, up through 9 when we begin a new cycle.

So in addition to our birth number and life path, we feel a strong influence of the numbers of the years within the Nine Year Cycles of our life.

Each year brings new issues and opportunities.

We can understand the energy of each year of the cycle, in terms of the rhythms of planting, growing, development, harvest, and plowing under preparing for the new cycle.

This metaphor and image may appear abstract, until we determine our own cycle and notice how it can provide useful, practical guidance about our sense of timing in life.

The next Snippet from the harbor side will be about the Nine Year Cycle so all nine years in detail. Look forward to that one. See you on Snippets from the harbourside.