Halina and Erika

How Erika Beumer came to be halina’d

About 18 months ago I was offering my first online training session (via Zoom). I was teaching people how to create a one page website in WordPress. Actually an oversimplification of the course. There’s a lot more info www.youronepage.website .
Earlier in the day, it was a Thursday, I attended one of Jill Chitty’s networking sessions. That’s where I ended up in a group with Halina Jaroszewska. As a result she decided to join one of the online training sessions later in the day. Little did I know, as a result of my invitation, how our connection would unfold.

Having completed the 6-week course she then hired me Summer 2020 to work with her on expanding her website from one page to more than 380 pages. What started as a client, became a steadfast friend (even though we still had to meet in person for the first time – we did that summer 2022 in Peterborough).

I was the one doing the techie stuff whilst showing Halina what the options were for layouts, etc. However I was also the one (I now realise) that was “being Halina’d.”

Last Friday, when we had another session, Halina pointed out how much I have changed over the past 18 months. I now have the confidence to teach people what I know, the confidence to run a membership group, to be a guest expert in other groups. Thanks to Halina, I also joined EVO Business Networking where I’m part of the EVO ALCHEMY Steering Group which provides Professional Development for EVO members. This year I was one of the presenters talking about Website WOWs! or website woes! which was a great hit. I am also about to publish my first book in a series of 5. And who knows what else I might do after that!

I have learnt so much without realizing it. I am conscious of the words I use, able to express what I know when asked during a networking meeting, confident enough to talk to people, and much more relaxed in business. (Although I still reward myself with an SEO session after talking to people for a few hours).

I came from a corporate background (investment banking) so I was familiar with CPD and coaching, but not the way Halina does it.

She is one of the voices I can hear when I am working on a new strategy, saying “Now stop scrolling for a minute, and repeat what you just said.” This is normally where I realise that was the answer to my question. It was there on the screen. I just didn’t realise it!

Thanks, Halina, and I am looking forward to the next 380 pages
that I am privileged to help you publish.
Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom with the world.
You can find it on www.halinajaroszewska.com