Question mark and light bulb for 3 word question blog post

3 word questions

I do love a #challenge.

Back in the day one of my coaches #challenged me to clean up the questions I asked clients.

The #challenge was to simply ask the question.

Easy peasy!

Not so fast!

Ask the question using 3 words or less was #challenge!


Then I got it! Aha! Lightbulb!

Yes … #what & #how are excellent to use as they guarantee information.

However it’s all in the upward inflection.

One word question could be … And?
Two words question could be … What if? or How’s that?
Three words question could be … Apart from that?

It’s all in the ingenuity of waiting to ask the question based on what the other has said ONCE THEY HAVE FINISHED SPEAKING & then you have counted in case they have more to say.

Ditch the dreadful habit of ‘being already speaking’.

A question could very well be wordless / word free … a pause as a question … there’s a thing : )

And then penny dropped, another aha!, lightbulbs flashing.

The 3 words or less #challenge was a great way to learn the lesson which is asking a question is exactly that a question NOT a gazillion words.


Once the question is asked that is the moment to use your ears only.


It is amazing, extraordinary, inspiring, insightful, challenging what happens when using the recipe of ask a question of 3 words or less then listen consciously, deeply, without judgement.