10 Top Challenges of Blended Learning

by David Smith from Redtray

Blended learning – what is it?

Mix of learning environments using best delivery methodologies available

 David splits the 10 challenges into technological, organisational and instructional impacts.


  1. Ensure participants can be successful in using the technology – are learners ready for the technology? Introduce them gradually. The simpler the technology. the better. Need support within organisation for learners to access.
  2. Resist urge to use technology simply because it’s there! This approach can drive a very weak system. Avoid shiny object syndrome. Build upon success, learn as go, small steps work best.


  1. Overcoming idea that blended learning not as effective as traditional F2F because of fear that not the same benefit from e-learning. Concern that it’s the cheap option / second best. Need acceptance of learners + support of senior management + IT support. Need to market online training in the right way. Orientation needed in all aspects for all levels of employee especially senior people.
  2. Re-define role of facilitator – use facilitator who is passionate about online training. Time it takes to manage the blend is more complex than F2F. Facilitators need to be immersed in online training too. All elements need to be viewed as key including time in between sessions.
  3. Manage, support & monitor participants progress – how to do this? Assessments vital as results can be tracked and monitored. Feedback is key to enable adjustments, improvements for example.


  1. Look at how to teach not just what to teach – audience engagement is key
  2. Match best delivery to performance objective – if can test online can teach online
  3. Keep online offerings interactive. 12 – 20 mins max input. Every 5 minutess ask for an interactive input from participants
  4. Ensure participants engaged
  5. 10.Ensure all elements of the blend are coordinated eg like a conductor of an orchestra. Provide participants with course map; contact details; FAQs are helpful; solid communication plan + copy of all emails on site to make it easy to find so no excuses.

Address ‘what’s in it for me’ from the learning journey.

Clear communication plan; set clear guidelines at start.

Need to be able to answer questions as go not hold onto them till the end as participants will switch off.

How do tools support the learning? Design the slides first.