For change to happen we need to start with ‘unlearning’ in whichever area of our lives.

Serenity Prayer – Give me strength to:

  • accept the things I cannot change
  • courage to change the things I can
  • wisdom to know the difference.

“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” Eric Hoffer

Unlearning* is crucial for leaders & managers as well as their teams. Recognising a bad habit / problem quickly and unlearning creates space & energy for new challenges. Everyone is always aware of bad habits / problems and often indulge in a bad habit of waiting for someone else to do the highlighting and take the flack. Bad habits / problems unresolved saps morale & energy plummets.

Ask great questions then sit in the ‘don’t know ‘space prepared to not have the answer is a great start. Choosing to be in partnership being prepared to unlearn ‘command and control’ leadership style; unlearn the desire to tell others what to do; unlearn the need to know it all; unlearn feeling expected to know it all.

Through the process of genuinely unlearning bad habits [once they have been ‘fessed up to’ of course] space miraculously, effortlessly emerges, is created for other voice in the partnership to be heard such as expert opinions and ideas; new data; creativity and innovation; mining of experience.

7 keys to disrupt our current state and aid the unlearning process are as follows:

  1. Take the right risks
  2. Play to your distinctive strengths
  3. Embrace constraints
  4. Battle entitlement
  5. Step back to grow
  6. Give failure its due
  7. Be discovery driven

Result: enables room for the team to work together as a group, with each other, and not just through the leader.

*Ref: Sir John Whitmore ‘Coaching for Performance’

With thanks to & based on The Forton Group model & TFG’s challenge to do something differently