PEP THEM UP – Boost Self Esteem

Very little of our capacity to feel good about ourselves is inherited. It’s almost entirely the product of our environment and upbringing.

Boosting self-esteem can have a huge impact on achievement in all areas of our lives.

Finding time to do this is important.

What does it take:

  • find time?
  • make finding time of importance?
  • make our self a priority?
  • ditch our favourite excuses?

Making sure we are liked is important; making sure we are not a bother is important too.

Praise needs to be

  • focused and genuine
  • practised
  • part of our everyday life.

Praise is an extraordinarily simple way of boosting self-esteem

We learn by trying, making mistakes, by exploring.

We need acknowledging for getting it wrong AND when we succeed.

High self-esteem is about feeling good about our efforts. Not feeling bad about failure when/if it occurs. That’s how we learn.

Whether we are extraverted or introverted self-esteem is vital to the health of our lives.

Being introverted doesn’t exclude being confident, having high esteem.

Being extraverted does not necessarily mean having self-esteem.

Practise the above for yourself and to others and raise the self-esteem of everyone.