As you would when getting your garden big or small ready for winter
get rid of anything in your life which has passed its sell by date,
is extraneous to your needs, is damaged, no longer serves you, or is time to let go
and move on

Write down anything you have a grievance about no matter how small. Burn the paper or tear it up and flush down the loo. Grievances slow you down. Hatred diminishes. Jealousy eats you up. Anger consumes you. Fear paralyses you. All these things, and you can probably add to the list, affect your energy field.

Take a moment to consider how much energy you use up on grievances let alone on the other ones.

You have a wonderful gift of vitality. Life force flows through your body. It is entirely your choice as to how you use them in your life.

What enhances your life more using the positive or the negative? From the negative we can learn lessons. Learn them and move on. Holding on to grievances for example saps your energy big time. However, it is your choice.

Imagine each negative thought that you have is like mosquito or a persistently buzzing fly, you need to swat it away every time it comes near.

Imagine if everyone could actually see all those negative thoughts buzzing around you. They’d be reluctant to come near you. And people do pick up on those negative thought on a subconscious level. We all broadcast energy messages.

What sort of messages would you prefer to give out?

Ask yourself which you would rather choose love or fear?

  • Take a moment to try it out for yourself.
  • Close your eyes
  • Check out your body as you say out loud ‘I choose Fear’. Notice any sensations you experience.
  • Then say out loud ‘I choose Love’. Notice any sensations.

It is your life. It is your right to make your own choice.

What decision will you make? What would sit right with you?

Now is the time to be brave and courageous. Be a risktaker, choose to let go of any grievance you are holding on to or harbouring.

Forgive the person even if you can’t yet forgive the deed. Be in gratitude for the lesson they’ve enabled you to learn.

Forgive yourself for your own mistakes. Learn from them.

Apologise where necessary and choose to make amends. Then move on.

Be prepared to be humbler and wiser than before. AND keep the lessons learnt.

Very often we think or feel that we do not know how to begin to forgive. Starting with ourselves is a good plan.

The important thing to remember is that be willing to try.

Take that first step, the rest will follow.

Choose to have the process be fun, joy full.