CV – Every CV tells a story

How to ensure it tells the story that you want

How to make sure it showcases Brand You accurately

The aim of any CV or Profile or LinkedIn Profile

Bring you to the forefront

Make you spot-able

Stand out quality

Enables your dream to become a reality

Accesses your creative approach

Choose to design the conscious version making you clearly visible


Every CV tells a story:

Which story do you want your CV to tell? What story does it in fact tell? How to align them? Why on earth should you do that? To get that promotion or next job either within your current organisation or in another organisation?

Keep being passed over? Digging out that old CV expecting results? Puzzled as to why you don’t get even to interview stage? Know that what you can do way surpasses people around you? Updated your CV and still don’t get the results you want, that you feel you deserve. Feel it is so unfair. Wonder why you don’t get headhunted? Curious as to why you aren’t on the fast track radar in your organisation? Really, truly do your absolute best all the time, never say no, never make waves, always a yes person and still no-one notices you!

What if there was a way to showcase how good you truly are? How, by taking a chance on you, exponential ROI will be the result! What if, by simply saying the same thing in a different way, your CV could leap to the top of the shortlist, magnetically attract headhunters, be your best advocate for all that you are? Especially with applications generally now being online. Whole different ball game.                 

Every story has a process – a beginning, a middle and an end:

Introduction: put your current CV on the table. Assess what impression it gives. Include messages in your LinkedIn profile. Check alignment, consistency, inconsistency, accuracy, presentation.

Creating the agreement: explore what you want to achieve and why? Discover how you’ll know you have got there. The evidence. Discover your way of learning and working. Your agreements? How reliable are you in connection with yourself? Boundaries in place? How pernickety are you? On scale of 1 – 10 what is your attention to detail?

The work piece: over 4 – 6 sessions design 1-page Profile & 2-page CV. Content that explains and describes exactly who you are, what you can do, how you can do it, why an investment in you will bring exceptional ROI and significantly improve the business case of the organisation. Why you are the person they need!

Included is work offline reading, editing, proofing versions of the CV/ Profile as they are presented.

The end: signing off the CV’s content and developing a plan as to how to use it.

Interested? Email to discuss working together on ace-ing your story.



Feedback from clients who have used the CV transformation approach:


  • I needed another perspective from someone who could look dispassionately at what I had done, identify and reflect back to me key indicators of my worth in employment terms and enable me to translate those into reality through to interview.


  • The main reason I undertook the exercise, other than getting my dream job, was because the commercial world is so fiercely competitive. Most organisations are looking for an ‘A’ player – someone that consistently pushes for and achieves results. I really wanted that to come across in my CV. I knew this was the key to getting me through the door and one step nearer to the job of my dreams. My CV needed to stand out from those of everybody else.


  • As the client, I was allowed to really think about what I wanted and what I was trying to say through the medium of this CV. This I felt was a privilege and so unusual that I gained huge freedom to create a CV that gained me a dream job with excellent financial benefits as well as the potential to progress to the very top levels in the organisation should I choose to do so. I might choose to look for an even better opportunity because I know that I can because I now know my worth.


  • This was a ‘whole person’ process with a focus on the particular job made extraordinary by Halina’s clarity and experience. A crucial element for me was that she has had a full and varied portfolio career – many jobs, a cross-section of skills and resources – and that all this was on tap for me.


  • Paying for this service was the best thing that I did when looking for that dream job. Definitely I’d spend the money all over again to update my CV whether I was applying for an internal promotion or looking to move to another company. Halina works in a very practical way which means that it was actually all my work, so I knew it inside out.


  • It gave me clarity as to what I was worth to another employer which was hugely empowering and gave me that precious confidence that we all seek.


  • I knew that I was working with a very well-trained coach who had also been credentialed by the International Coach Federation at Professional Certified Coach level. That gave me great confidence that the process would work as well as the exceptional presence that Halina has through which she establishes very quickly trust and confidence.