Being in the moment: being in this moment

In times of stress, situations that are challenging,
complete overwhelm, difficult choices, impossible decisions
what is your strategy?

Changing the energy, changing your energy is a potential option.
Moving to a different location, stepping into an unfamiliar space, finding where you can set down the turmoil is a good plan.

Preferably issuing an invitation to yourself to step outside to invest in a walk.
A walk where you engage all your senses.
Let all the noise in your head have a rest, take a break.

Here are 5 suggestions to help guide your walk:

 Feel the ground:

Pay attention to how your feet feel contacting the ground. Feel bumps, inclines, cracks, tree roots breaking through or the grass. What do you notice?

Make it symbolic:

Look for something you’ve never seen before even if you have walked that way many times. Whatever caught your attention, see it symbolically. How might it relate to your current situation?

Hear all the sounds:

Listen carefully. Name it. ‘That’s the wind going through the trees. That’s an engine starting up.’ Whether wonderful sounds or annoying sounds, stay objective. Simply describe.

Feel the air:

Which direction is the wind coming from? Feel it on your face. If the air is moving slowly you may need to turn in a circle to feel where it is coming from. Stormy wind, gentle breeze, warm air?

Count your steps:

If you have chosen long walk, break it up into smaller goals. Guess how many steps to x, see how accurate you were. See how near you can get to your estimate. Place each step mindfully.

Count your breaths:

In walking meditation style, be aware of your breath in and your breath out. Let the pattern of your breath be as it is. Just notice how it works and observe what is happening. See how many breaths you can take before being distracted by another thought. What is your personal best?

Enjoy. When you return to whatever you left how might a different perspective shed light on an inspired solution fit for purpose.