Perspectives are simply a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something.

A point of view.

  • Choosing to look at something from a different viewpoint can be challenging.
  • Investigate a particular attitude you hold can be energising.
  • Dare to question your attitudes, your perspectives?
  • Ready to forensically examine them?
  • Maybe, maybe not.
  • Consider this … staying in same old perspective neatly delivers same old results.
  • Where are you perspective-wise? Favourites? Unknown ones? Not useful ones?
  • Which perspectives would you change? Which would you love to take on?

Try on the questions below and explore what comes up. What do you learn about you?

  1. What aspects of you are ripe now?
  2. Are you still coming into your fullness?
  3. Have you allowed your visions to wither?
  4. Are you a people pleaser, or do you respect your own inner authority?
  5. Are you stuck in expansion?
  6. On a physical level, do you move enough?
  7. Can you negotiate intimacy in relationships?
  8. Do you ask permission from others instead of their constructive comments?
  9. What’s your vision? If none at the moment how might you design one?
  10. Is it easy for you to have fun?
  11. Can you give of yourself unconditionally?
  12. What would it take for you to live your passion?

Perspectives influence everything we do, believe in, reject, live by, cast judgements, our opinions. They run our lives. Make sure that your perspectives sit right with you.

Review them. Be conscious as to what they are. Clutter clear them regularly.

Make them serve you NOT you be run by them.