Questions to provoke thinking

Memories – accessing wisdom

Remember a grandparent/godparent/teacher who had a very positive impact on you:

  • What did they do that was different to the other significant others/adults that you came across?
  • What was it you liked so much eg attitudes / behaviour?
  • How did that make you feel specifically about yourself?
  • How has that experience influenced, had impact on, inspired you?
  • What has happened that wouldn’t have happened?
  • How have you chosen to pay that forward?
  • What would you say to that influential person/s in gratitude?

Wisdom accessed through questions to unleash potential hidden within or disregarded

  • How, by treating all team members as equal, can you bring everyone’s potential to fruition?
  • By listening to all points of view without judgement how might that build trust?
  • Generating belief in an ‘I can’ culture: what unexpected results might that enable to happen?
  • Challenging for sure in these current times – how might it be possible to give time and full undistracted attention to all the players in your life including yourself?
  • What boundaries might need to be negotiated? Agreements negotiated? Protocols for behaviour agreed?
  • And the payoff would be what?
  • Being choiceful for fun + enthusiasm + safe spaces + being cared for and caring for + support + trust + respect = an outrageously amazing recipe for a fulfilling life.
  • Cast your mind back and find an occasion when you felt special, valued, confident, full of self-belief. How was that?
  • Awareness and responsibility: what do these words bring up for you?
  • Choices have consequences: where would you like to have more choice in life / more personal choice?
  • Potential: How much do you reveal? What stops you revealing it? The opponent in one’s own head is more daunting that the person on the other side of the net!
  • Drivers: what are yours?

Challenge your thinking, preconceptions, assumptions, habitual behaviours or thinking. Dive in:

  • Get where want to be quicker than on one’s own if I collaborate. What do I have to let go of to work collaboratively?
  • Find things that work. Rinse and repeat – obvious! Why do the same to what doesn’t work? Duh!
  • Promote my passion and be of service – what actions would I take?
  • Design specifically for me – if I could what would I design?
  • Mindful of mind full – your choice
  • Super vision = learning, reflective, off loading
  • Business balls – what does this phrase conjure up for you