1. Getting ready for the real global marketplace

There is a belief that we are only at the beginning and with China and other eastern nations along with South America and Eastern Europe there is much more to come. Organisations need to build expertise in cultural awareness, mobility and flexibility to be able to compete.

  1. Help in stopping women leaving the workplace

There is much pressure on women executives from many areas of life, major organisations are recognising that they need more women in senior positions, not only in business management but in engineering and research areas, they need the different perspective. Witness GM’s experience with the initial launch of airbags, huge finical cost experienced which would have been avoided had some senior women been on the design team.

  1. Lasting Culture Shifts

Organisations are concerned that culture change initiatives are being launched and they are not being sustained, there is a need to make these shifts and not revert to old ways, the cost of this is massive, financial of course and also in terms of credibility and market presence, witness some of the events in the financial services industries.

  1. Talent Acquisition – getting ready for leadership

There is a recognition that whilst the technical skills such as finance, marketing, production design etc. are a given, there is a need to develop executives who can survive and thrive in complexity and ambiguity, make sense and meaning of situations and make better quality decision, being able to think and reflect in the moment, greater collaboration and stakeholder management skills, this plays very much to point 1.

  1. Helping organisations to do more – get more accomplished

Applies to all of the previous points.

A good question to ask leaders in businesses and organisations: What does it mean for them?

A good question to ask yourself as a leader: What does it mean for you?