Sir Peter Wall on Leaders:

“They don’t respect you out of duty. They are looking to see if you are any good”. Be yourself. Leader needs to be seen.

Sir Peter Wall re Teams:

Build the team as need really good people around you. Seize the opportunity coming out of this crisis. Need resilient teams that can bounce back / bounce off. The only limits are one’s imagination. Resilience = capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Buy in happens by being involved in the process / consulted.

Clear consistent repeated communication. Clarity is essential. Clarity of determination. Clear intentions. Support people to deliver.

Take people with you. Grow resilience via experience / be adventurous / take risks. Learning comes from setbacks. It works or it doesn’t – reflect rethink reboot.

Assess situation – difficult at speed so don’t worry about the paintwork. Review options, choose one, do it with vigour

Notes taken from interview by Jamie Breese on The Biz Live with Sir Peter Wall