Connections, connecting, connectivity

2020 has proved to be an unexpected, exceptional, original, unusual, out of the ordinary, disconcerting, disruptive year. A bolt out of the blue. The COVID-19 pandemic has been ‘programme’ in technology terms that wreaked havoc in so many ways to life as we knew it.

It has made humanity regardless of diversity in all senses reflect, rethink and reboot. Not just once. Nearly it has seemed on a daily basis. The resets have been many. And seemingly to no avail. The sense is that it is here to stay so we need to live with it, find different ways to frame it.

Overnight connections, connecting, connectivity dramatically changed. Virtual platforms became the ‘how to be in touch’ connector of choice because we had to. Technology speedily raced to catch up, to be ahead of the curve, to innovate in order to service a different need. People speedily tried to catch up struggling with the tech. In haste everyone swung into action to transfer everything online with varying degrees of success. Ask the university students about their lecturers varying degrees of success.

Self-isolation, shielding, stay at home, work at home/ work from home changed dynamics dramatically. People coped in varying degrees and didn’t cope at all in some cases.

What happened to the 6 degrees of separation? Would F2F meetings, networking, conferences, events, chats around the ‘water cooler’ ever tale place again? Who knows? And seriously we have no idea at the moment.

Our connections, the possibilities and potential to connect, connectivity are all still on the table simply in a different way. There is always (as the quote goes) out of every adversity and opportunity of equal or greater value. For us it is how to spot the elegance of the opportunity. Being prepared to do so. Being open to potentially doing the usual / taken for granted in a different way.

How have you?

How might you?

How could you?

How will you?

Choose to create, design, devise, imagine, explore different ways of discovering connections, connecting, making connectivity work in this new world in which we are living and going forward in.

Will you be an early adopter or a denigrator? How by knowing yourself and your preferred ways of connecting can you make this new way of being in the ‘connections world’ work? Change is always a challenge as we love to have everything stay the same. Us humans in the main love to keep things as they always have been. Bless our cotton socks.