Choice is power … not over other people but over ourselves.

Choice is the fuel that gives us energy and momentum.

Choices can be tough.

Choices are always there.

Choices can be a choice to or a choice not to.

Making choices links us up to a huge renewable source of energy.

Making choices no matter how small give us the element of control.

Being choiceful, exercising one’s choice muscle, developing that muscle provides a source of strength.

A source of strength which creates possibilities and solutions.

A source of strength creating potential in seemingly unsolvable situations or challenges.

Looking at the facts helps too.

Separating the facts from the emotions is a good plan.

When you hear ‘I can’t’ you always will know that a choice is being avoided.

Remember and to re-iterate:

Choice is power … not over other people but ourselves.


What choices will you make?

What choices will you avoid?

When you make your choice have that be what you chose rather than constantly wishing you had chosen differently.