Case Studies and Testimonials at the end of a Coaching Programme

Global Innovations & Engagement Officer – International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) 

  • Thanks to coaching I am now able to – trust my own decision making and have techniques to put in place when I am struggling with external factors to choose what is right for me.
  •  My great wins have been – understanding the importance of and allowing myself to celebrate my successes. Being able to be proud of how far I have come in my career.
  •  What has happened that wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t worked together? – I wouldn’t have had the space and guidance to really think about what career I want and what direction its leading in and the confidence to throw caution to the wind and start exploring a passion I’ve always wanted to in a totally different industry, without the fear of not starting because of the potential of failing.
  •  Testimonial / feedback on the coaching programme – It has been an absolute gift to have been given 3 hours of guided time to talk through my own personal professional development. Halina helps you to look at your career holistically, by looking at your life, skills, passions, goals etc. Halina gave me really useful simple techniques and tasks to work through to help me through lots of recent changes and to get me to start working on my own development.

Head, Annual Planning and Resource Allocation, International humanitarian not-for-profit organization.

  • Thanks to coaching I am now able to
  1. Assert myself more during large meetings.
  2. Be more comfortable with the fact that my viewpoints and approach are not always in line with most other people.
  3. Be more proactive in reaching out and networking.
  •  My great wins have been
  1. Self-acceptance and self-appreciation
  2. Successfully managing and keeping together a diverse team, through a time of massive organizational change and transformation, allowing the team to maintain service level and to deliver high quality output.
  3. A legacy of trust, empowerment and delegation to the Senior Programme Budget Officers, resulting in more initiatives being taken by these colleagues.
  • What has happened that wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t worked together?
  1. Even as I was strongly encouraged to apply to the Head of APRAU position, that replaces my current position that is being discontinued on 31 December 2020, I had taken the decision to seek other opportunities within my organisation.
  2. I’ve started placing tasks squarely on those who should be undertaking them, instead of doing these myself.
  3. I have taken more concrete steps towards regular self-care, the main one being taking a break at around 18.00 for exercise, and then deciding later if I should go back to work.
  • Testimonial / feedback on the coaching programme

Working with Coach Halina was one of the positive features of an otherwise strange and challenging year.  Our conversations were something that I looked forward to, and they helped alleviate the bleakness brought about by the pandemic.  Through the questions that she posed most thoughtfully, Coach Halina guided me towards self-acceptance, balanced with a resolve for self-improvement.  She provided fresh perspectives, as well as a safe space where I could reflect not just about myself, but also my team’s well-being and success.  The idea of renewal that she brought up – reflect, re-think, re-boot – paved the way for taking an important decision regarding my work life, as well as taking steps for the future, i.e., after my long service in this organisation.

I was very pleased to have shared with Coach Halina a very touching e-mail from one of my staff, who expressed appreciation for my leadership.  It was an affirmation of quiet leadership that I believe has been honed through my sessions with Coach Halina.  If there’s anything that I wish could have been done differently, it’s to have been able to avail of such coaching earlier in my career!

Country Manager Iraq, Search for Common Ground International not-for-profit

  • Thanks to coaching I am now able to
  1. reprioritise self-care and vocalize development interests.
  2. I was able pick-up tips on how to communicate personal needs effectively.
  • My great wins have been:
  1. the ability to feed my soul through shared knowledge and experiential learning during the coaching programme.
  • What has happened that wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t worked together?
  1. Establishing dedicated time to prioritise self-development and career advancement.
  • What are the key issues that surfaced regarding your work and working environment? Numerous concerns were brought up and addressed during the initiative cycle. Halina was able to support in breaking down key areas of concern and developing a plan of action. Her positive, calm, & helpful spirit was truly comforting through the difficult year of 2020.
  • What changes would you recommend to help support you in your current working conditions?

Limit uncertainty at the organization; staff receive the appreciation/care needed for continued success.

  • Testimonial / feedback on the coaching programme

It is vital to carve out an hour each month for self-reflection and growth.

Choose Halina, she will help you re-focus your energy.

  • How would you rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being excellent)

5 – Excellent. Thanks Halina