An executive coach, professionally certified by the ICF, Halina helps leaders and aspiring leaders to turn uncertainty into a positive tool for change and growth.

Halina specialises in working with companies that want to move from surviving to thriving, improve business and personal performance and realise potential during challenging times through their leadership.

Coaching, as you are no doubt aware, is powerful and it works.

Leaders and aspiring leaders can benefit from coaching.

It is effective on many levels and, being practical, makes learning stick.

Interestingly research [by International Personal Management Association 1997] shows that when coaching is added to training productivity increases by 88% whereas training alone showed an increase of only 22.4%. And these percentages continue to apply.

Now the question is why consider coaching for the people in your organisation.

Well … coaching is a way of

  • taking performance and potential to new levels
  • maximising human resources
  • creating effective teams
  • raising productivity levels
  • providing the competitive edge
  • re-invigorating purpose
  • upping the stakes
  • increasing retention
  • developing skills
  • tracking development
  • maintaining powerful vision
  • opening up perspectives and possibilities.

Halina is the business of helping people and companies to excel beyond expectations.

She focuses not only on the theory of effective leadership but also on the practical strategies to make changes happen and growth sustainable.

Coaching for Senior Executives and Leaders is the personnel development tool of the 21st Century that will make the difference.

In the near future coaching will be standard in the benefit package. People will ask who is your coach rather than do you have a coach?