How to have your living space reflect the Brand that you choose it to rather than leaving it to chance whilst on those myriad virtual calls.

In this challenging time of working at home or from home it’s time to take a good look at where you live.

Why? Good question. Obvious really. Or is it?

How clearly do we see where we live and the message it conveys regarding our Brand?

Do we glaze over ‘seeing’ our surroundings as if wallpaper? We watch spaces being transformed on TV.

What would motivate us to take action and indulge in that essential activity: Makeover Magic.

The 12 step strategy for optimising your personal space which can make all the difference to your life and the work that many of us now all do in the same space that we inhabit.

  1. Take a full advantage of your creativity by detoxing your living space to have it make you feel sensational and reflect your Brand
  2. Regarding anything you own or have if you don’t love it or use it…. get rid of it especially if it’s damaged, needs mending or repairing, or simply not used since you can’t remember when, or those presents or purchases that were never what you wanted
  3. Include material possessions, ideas, beliefs, habits, even people
  4. Remove everything from a room, clean it thoroughly, maybe redecorate. Then only replace those objects which enhance that space
  5. Choose everything in proportion. Create an illusion of space.
  6. Make small or dark spaces feel larger using light/mirrors/paint.
  7. Enhance smaller or dark spaces. Use luscious jewel colours and fabrics-creating a magical retreat
  8. Take care with lighting. Offset centre lights/use recessed spotlights when appropriate. Go for the maximum flexibility that is possible
  9. Be clear about the purpose of each space. Make sure that each space is used regularly.
  10. Be ruthless about the contents of cupboards wardrobes shelves attics lofts basements and let not the drawers escape nor the boxes! In fact, delve into everything.
  11. Either love it and it must be in perfect condition or use it or pass it on. That is allow it to leave your space and grace the space of someone else even though that might be the rubbish bin! Charity shops welcome those things we have ceased to love or use as there will always another person from whom that item is perfect.
  12. Have fun and good luck