My metaphorical backpack stuffed full of magic builds vision, embeds commitment, raises engagement, develops capability accessing genius tools/techniques, elegant behavioural profiling, proven development models. Sought-after strategic thinking, transformational change, personal discovery, enhanced performance. Delights partnering people, unleashing hidden potential, witnessing extraordinary shifts in clients’ lives. Expect the unexpected!

High end supportive, intriguingly interesting, resources shared in abundance, exploring ideas in discordant ways to elicit different potential, information when appropriate, potentially ingenious fun enabling us to find the hilariousness in our behaviour, positions, stands taken.

An awesome ability to disrupt mindsets, challenge thinking, trigger brand new approaches / ideas to improve performance and build more effective relationships for excellent ROI.

With unerring skill, lightness of touch and laser perceptiveness I help clients create powerful, productive and proactive results. So important to have fun whilst exploring excellent techniques and different approaches that challenge current behaviours, mindsets, habits, assumptions.

My passion is working with clients to help them discover those untapped resources, become impressively recognised and sought after in their field. I love enabling clients to get over themselves and discover the hidden potential that joy can spark. Identifying the impossible and, by breaking the rules, coax the possible into the present. Coaching on the edge of being fired is a delight as that is when the client starts to take their journey seriously.

Working with companies and individuals who want to significantly improve their impact and influence hence their bottom line in uncertain times. I help them improve retention, crack the code of succession planning, powerfully re-align plans to be fit for purpose in this next decade. I generally work in the UK yet with Skype I work efficiently internationally.

Using an integrative, responsive approach* I work with leaders at all levels and senior management teams to enable them to turn uncertainty into a powerful tool for change and growth. My purpose is to enable my clients shift their mindset for goals to become reality; have tools to make the process work effectively for themselves, their teams and organisation. Working with the power of language, especially metaphor, reveals what’s hidden, denied, unacknowledged and how that can be transformed into a miracle

A provocative innovator, intuitively inspirational and interest-free catalyst, I bring a secret, particular ingredient to each client’s unique journey. I love working with clients on the very edge as they grab their courage to stride confidently unleashing their potential in this powerful journey.

By being in the present as a coach I trust that my clients’ innate wisdom enables the whole iceberg to be accessed; the stone to start ripples rippling. Establishing the coaching agreement clearly is essential to form a solid foundation on which to work with all stakeholders in the organisation, as well as the individual client ensuring that ROI can be tracked and measured.

Working always with their material and designing the process to match the client’s needs, wants and outcomes is a given and always a work in progress. The end is always the beginning as TS Eliot says.

*Coaching models and influences come from what I read, colleagues, practices, supervision, professional development, credentialing and of course my clients. Thank you.