Global Cultural Competency

How culturally competent are you?

Thank you to Dr. Aikyna Finch, PCC for being our guide during a 2 hour webinar organised by ICF (International Coaching Federation).

  • We travelled to new places.
  • We discovered that intent is crucial.
  • “Just ask” was such an obvious hot tip.
  • We explored where we were / are on the Cultural Competency Continuum.

We appreciated that we were highly likely to move along the continuum from … cultural destructiveness > < cultural incapacity > < cultural blindness >

< cultural pre-competence > < cultural competence > < cultural proficiency <

Complexity for sure as not only individuals also organisations of all kinds to take into account.

I came up with the metaphor of a negative being developed & being curious as to what image / photograph would emerge. And that image could change over time depending on the processes of development.

  • We are / I am always developing.
  • A cultural competency is a work in process.
  • Every new / different situation / experience will bring up challenges to our cultural competency.
  • Be present.
  • Be in the moment.
  • Be engaged & interactive.
  • Respect others’ ideas & viewpoints.

Culture = a way of life or group of people.

Culture = knowledge / awareness / sensitivity.

Everyone’s culture is different.

We need to be open to that difference & respectful of that difference.