What drains your energy?

Is it taking things personally?

Maybe holding on to the past?

Or and this is a good one: constantly checking social media and / or email.


Poor sleeping habits.

Adding fuel to drama staking it rather than diffusing it.

Eating, and / or drinking stuff that isn’t best for your body.



Gossiping, especially on social media, but also in person

Not living in the moment

Trying to please others.

And apart from those 12 what else for you? What’s a favorite for you? Which one resonates strongly for you?

The 12 came from a tweet that I found by Matthew Coast on the 16th of August this year 2021 So thank you Matthew for that.

AND then, apart from what drains your energy the challenging question is, how do you drain other people’s energy?

That’s a tough one to answer. Definitely the tough one to answer.

How do you drain other people’s energy? Check it out. I’m going to ask it again. How do you drain other people’s energy?

Enjoy discovering what drains your energy. Enjoy discovering how you drain other people’s energy.

AND just stop it for both of them. Just stop it.

Enjoy the process.