​Strengths Finder ideation:

The shared theme description is this: people who are especially talented in the ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They’re able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.

My personalized strengths insight in this area:

We start with, what makes me stand out. By nature, I seek opportunities to tell others about facts I know or experiences I’ve heard. I allow people to broaden my understanding with their original ideas.

I’ve discovered that the “life of the mind” is a joint effort. I receive from other thinkers, as many, and sometimes even more insights than I provide them. Thinking with individuals or groups, stimulates my creativity. I realize it makes each day worth living.

It’s very likely that I contribute, many innovative ideas to the group during brainstorming sessions.

I tend to be highly imaginative when proposals are fully heard, and any criticism is reserved for a later time.

Because of my strengths, I automatically think of new and different ways to do things. My mind is brimming with ideas, I probably am eager to share them with whoever will listen.

Driven by my talents I occasionally read for the pure joy of it. Perhaps I carry a book or a newspaper or magazine with me just in case I have to wait in line, eat alone, or sit beside a stranger. Quite possibly the printed word feeds my mind.

As a result, I might generate specific kinds of plans, programmes, designs or activities that others describe as original.

Chances are good that I routinely contrived innovative ideas. The art of inventions stimulates my mind. I likely spring from one original thought to an entirely different one. I usually find unique ways to link two or more concepts.

And the two questions, as usual:

Q1: As I read my personalized strengths insights, what words phrases or lines, stand out to me? Original ideas + highly imaginative + mind brimming with ideas

Q2: Out of all the talents in this insight, what would I like for others to see most in me? Spring from one original thought to an entirely different one & find unique ways to link 2 or more concepts