Following on from the overview of my personal strengths in the StrengthsFinder. I’m now going to go into detail about what the Maximizer means for me. Remember there are actually 34 strengths listed in the Strengths Finder. There is a PDF of all 34 in the original ‘Snippet for the harbourside’ about my StrengthsFinder. Maximizer is one of my five.

The shared theme description is that people who are especially talented in this theme, focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellent. They also seek to transform something strong into something super.

My personal strengths insights for me as Maximizer are as follows.

First of all, the Strength Finders says what makes me stand out.

Because of my strengths I exhibit an awareness about what I do and don’t do well. I trust my instincts in this regard.

Overtime, I progressed faster and moved further by relying on my talents. I simply refuse to risk losing confidence in myself by tackling assignments, for which I lacked the talent, even when I may possess some relevant knowledge skills or experience.

It’s very likely that I trust my ability to be an innovative thinker. I routinely invent many ways I can reach a single goal, only then do I start narrowing down my options to the best one. I probably take into consideration, prevailing circumstances, available resources, budgetary constraints or pressing deadlines.

By nature, I am hardwired to pay attention to my most recent accomplishments. I usually savor my moments of excellence. This is likely to enhance my understanding of what I do well.

Instinctively, I make people aware of the highest esteem in which I hold them. I believe in them, and I do. I often enable individuals to believe in themselves.

Driven by my talents, I can introduce the spirit of optimism, energy and enthusiasm to individuals and groups. My outward manner, inspires people to swiftly move into action on their own, or alongside me.

The two questions that the StrengthsFinder poses for me are:

1. As I read my personalized strengths, insights, what words phrases or lines stand out for me.

2. Out of all the talents in this insight what would I like for others to see most in me?

More on that later in another ‘Snippet from the harbourside’