There comes a time to stop.

Time to stop signing up for another webinar.

Another webinar is that gorgeously tempting, seductive shiny thing.

Seductive shiny things are delightfully diverting.

Diverting as it’s easy to think that the next one will reveal THE answer.

The answer? Decide that enough information is gathered ready to use.

Ready to use absolutely. Time to get over oneself. Swing into action!

Swing into ACTION is a clear challenge.

A clear challenge is freeing, scary, satisfying, simple & great ROI.

So … stop. Reflect. Rethink.
Check out the ROI of being at webinars / Zooms / events.
If not financially realistic / viable eg. the investment of time / money / effort outweighs the result.
Stop. Reflect. Rethink.
AND then reboot & make better choices & decisions.