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The Right Kind Of WrongThe Right Kind Of Wrong by Kevin Coldiron Intelligent failure is the key to success. Can we learn to embrace it? Read on Substack2024/04/12Articles2024-04-12 17:47:38
Human by Rag n Bone Man2024/02/09Inspirations2024-02-09 16:21:59
Revival song by Gregory Porter2024/02/09Inspirations2024-02-09 16:17:17
Simply the best by Tina Turner2024/02/09Inspirations2024-02-09 16:11:57
Non-Executive Directors2024/01/26Leadership2024-01-26 16:45:36
Hot tips to improve visual engagement2024/01/26Tips2024-01-26 16:38:59
TRUST is a powerful 5-letter word2024/01/26Strategies2024-01-26 16:09:19
Golden by Jill Scott2024/01/26Inspirations2024-01-26 14:44:14
Flowers by Miley Cyrus2024/01/26Inspirations2024-01-26 14:33:03
Freedom by Jon Batiste2023/11/13Inspirations2023-11-13 10:55:12
Feeling Good by Nina Simone2023/11/03Inspirations2023-11-03 17:18:31
Language is never innocent2023/10/25Strategies2023-10-25 16:40:55
Choose to go with reset button2023/10/06Tips2023-10-06 17:54:14
The Cats2023/10/06Inspirations2023-10-06 17:49:01
The Savvy Factor – workshops designed & developed2023/10/06Articles2023-10-06 17:42:25
On the QT, very hush hush & strictly confidential … well … nearly!2023/10/06Articles2023-10-06 11:54:38
Global Cultural Competency2023/09/08Articles2023-09-08 16:48:32
Employee engagement statistics2023/09/08Articles2023-09-08 16:41:53
Client reflections, feedback & testimonials2023/09/08Articles2023-09-08 16:36:13
Business Emotional Intelligence2023/09/08Articles2023-09-08 16:26:46
Strategic Consultant Role2023/06/03Case Studies2023-06-03 00:55:58
Case Study covering 12 months of leadership coaching2023/06/03Case Studies2023-06-03 00:52:41
C-me Behavioural Preference Profiling2023/06/03Case Studies2023-06-03 00:44:02
How Erika Beumer came to be halina’d2023/06/03Case Studies2023-06-03 00:31:41
Words are currency: words are never innocent2023/06/03Strategies, Tips2023-06-03 00:03:40
10 pain points that leaders typically confess to be challenged by2023/06/02Questions2023-06-02 23:36:54
Thermometer or Thermostat2023/06/02Questions2023-06-02 23:14:56
How to introduce yourself so you’ll be unforgettable2023/05/30Tools2023-05-30 16:37:12
How powerful your words are2023/05/30Communication2023-05-30 16:26:40
The 5 types of mentors you need in your life2023/05/30Strategies2023-05-30 16:20:14
How to keep on track2023/02/17Snippets from up North2023-02-17 15:57:50
Guess what gifts those 5 dinner party guests gave2023/02/15Snippets from up North2023-02-15 08:35:04
Aversity or opportunity?2023/02/10Snippets from up North2023-02-10 15:52:42
Guess who’s coming to dinner & why – part 1 of 22023/02/08Snippets from up North2023-02-08 22:34:01
Questions Questions Questions2023/02/03Snippets from up North2023-02-03 15:47:38
What drains your energy?2023/02/01Snippets from up North2023-02-01 22:30:17
Lightbulb moment2023/01/27Snippets from up North2023-01-27 15:44:35
All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten2023/01/25Snippets from up North2023-01-25 22:28:32
Check out the allure of those seductive shiny things2023/01/20Snippets from up North2023-01-20 18:38:45
StrengthsFinder – Self-assurance – HJ’s 5 Strengths2023/01/17Snippets from up North2023-01-17 22:14:00
Just NOT sorry2022/06/20Tools2022-06-20 10:23:25
3 word questions2022/06/20Tools2022-06-20 10:09:22
How to introduce yourself so you’ll be unforgettable2022/05/20Tools2022-05-20 18:14:06
The 5 types of mentors you need in your life2022/05/20Tools2022-05-20 17:59:46
Kingfisher poem2022/04/22Inspirations2022-04-22 19:15:05
CHAMPION2022/04/22Articles2022-04-22 19:07:36
The world according to cats2022/04/22Media2022-04-22 18:58:53
Break the Bias2022/04/22Inspirations2022-04-22 18:40:12
Earth Day 22nd April 20222022/04/22Inspirations2022-04-22 18:32:37
Zebra metaphor leadership lessons2022/04/22Articles2022-04-22 18:17:48
See the Good and Turn Around a Bad Deal2022/04/22Articles2022-04-22 18:06:53
About Doughnut Economics | DEAL (Doughnut Economics Action Lab)2022/04/22Articles2022-04-22 17:59:19
Leadership: Why Women don’t Lean In: How context constrains women’s career choices2022/04/22Articles2022-04-22 17:36:27
Patrick Lencioni’s Five Team Dysfunctions2022/04/22Articles2022-04-22 17:26:54
Law of Confusion – Simon Sinek2021/11/25Media2021-11-25 22:54:53
Five Minute Energy Routine created by Donna Eden2021/10/12Snippets from up North2021-10-12 16:38:18
How to work out your place each year in the Nine Year Cycle2021/10/08Snippets from up North2021-10-08 16:35:17
What if …2021/10/07Snippets from up North2021-10-07 18:50:33
About Nine Year Cycles2021/10/02Snippets from up North2021-10-02 16:25:52
3 reasons to wear my mask in public2021/09/13Snippets from up North2021-09-13 22:22:36
StrengthsFinder – Ideation – HJ’s 5 Strengths2021/09/06Snippets from up North2021-09-06 22:11:06
It is always a good day for cake2021/08/23Articles2021-08-23 20:44:58
Choice moments HJ style2021/08/18Snippets from up North2021-08-18 22:54:14
The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer2021/08/18Snippets from up North2021-08-18 22:49:59
Code for life: the 4 agreements2021/08/18Snippets from up North2021-08-18 22:42:04
StrengthFinder – Maximizer – HJs 5 Strengths2021/08/11Snippets from up North2021-08-11 22:35:09
StrengthsFinder – the introduction to my 52021/08/09Snippets from up North2021-08-09 22:09:20
A Credo for my relationships with others2021/08/09Snippets from up North2021-08-09 17:25:19
Soft skills are the deal breaker – The Savvy Factor revealed2021/08/09Articles2021-08-09 16:58:26
The past got in my eyes2021/08/09Articles2021-08-09 16:49:46
Leadership: Develop your Successful Style2021/07/09Articles2021-07-09 16:31:22
Difficult Conversations2021/06/01Tools2021-06-01 16:28:23
Communication do & don’ts2021/06/01Tools2021-06-01 16:08:29
Code for Life the 4 agreements & the 5th2021/06/01Tools2021-06-01 15:52:45
Leading from Anywhere2021/06/01Strategies2021-06-01 15:07:41
11 Habits of powerful successful leaders2021/05/31Tools2021-05-31 15:44:56
Unexpected Feedback2021/05/29Articles2021-05-29 15:27:02
Explore your emotionally intelligent leadership2021/05/28Articles2021-05-28 15:09:03
How to Continue the Journey as an Ally at Work2021/04/23Articles2021-04-23 12:09:48
2021 LinkedIn Learnings Workplace Learning Report2021/04/18Articles2021-04-18 12:55:07
Better Team Decision-Making2021/04/14Strategies2021-04-14 13:08:15
Team communications2021/03/11Tools2021-03-11 22:19:10
A Mental Trick to Help with Challenging Conversations2021/03/11Tools2021-03-11 22:11:33
Live and Learn: transpersonal coaching2021/03/11Tools2021-03-11 22:05:40
Listening Skills – a fun exercise to discover how well you listen2021/03/11Tools2021-03-11 21:51:55
10 Top Challenges of Blended Learning2021/03/11Tools2021-03-11 21:45:56
7 Intelligences: Memory Principles: Adaptations of Learning Styles2021/03/11Tips2021-03-11 21:23:22
Relax, Turn Off Your Phone, and Go to Sleep2021/03/11Tips2021-03-11 21:14:24
Letting go of what you don’t need2021/03/11Tips2021-03-11 21:02:03
What listener can do to help the talker2021/03/11Tips2021-03-11 20:53:40
How to conscously craft your network2021/03/11Tips2021-03-11 10:07:21
How talented women thrive2021/03/11Tips2021-03-11 01:06:44
Sheryl Sandberg’s 10 rules for success2021/03/11Tips2021-03-11 01:00:40
5 Levels of Listening2021/03/11Tips2021-03-11 00:56:47
Al Pacino “Inches” Speech, Any Given Sunday2021/03/11Media2021-03-11 00:41:07
Stairs Volkswagen Commercial2021/03/11Media2021-03-11 00:38:53
The power of yet2021/03/11Media2021-03-11 00:36:56
The Power of Introverts2021/03/11Media2021-03-11 00:34:16
The walk from “no” to “yes”2021/03/11Media2021-03-11 00:31:41
Working backwards to solve problems2021/03/11Media2021-03-11 00:28:40
The day everything changed2021/03/08Inspirations2021-03-08 22:45:13
The Museum of Four in the Morning2021/03/08Media2021-03-08 22:38:54
Surprising Lessons From 100 Days of Rejection2021/03/08Media2021-03-08 22:36:00
I got 99 problems … palsy is just one2021/03/08Media2021-03-08 22:33:53
Empowering through Body Language2021/03/08Media2021-03-08 22:30:31
Resilience to stress 3 mindful practices2021/03/08Media2021-03-08 22:27:22
Making a small difference2021/03/08Media2021-03-08 22:23:25
The surprising secret to speaking with confidence2021/03/08Media2021-03-08 22:20:45
Self-hinder Effect or Strategy2021/03/05Strategies2021-03-05 16:55:36
Why you should resist the urge to multitask during Zoom meetings2021/03/05Strategies2021-03-05 16:49:54
Life exactly as you want it2021/03/05Strategies2021-03-05 16:44:38
How saying ‘no’ works wonders for trust2021/03/05Strategies2021-03-05 16:37:31
3 things women say that weaken the power of their words2021/03/04Questions2021-03-04 14:16:05
Building an Incisive Question2021/03/04Questions2021-03-04 12:05:30
Experience vs expertise – questions to get you thinking2021/03/04Questions2021-03-04 10:57:50
Strength is earned2021/03/02Inspirations2021-03-02 23:35:58
LinkedIn Top 20 All Time Articles2021/03/02Inspirations2021-03-02 23:26:35
Law of Opposites2021/03/02Articles2021-03-02 23:18:54
Executive Coach being asked the questions!2021/03/02Articles2021-03-02 23:11:54
Learning from the Future2021/03/02Articles2021-03-02 23:06:22
Speak like a leader by Simon Lancaster2021/03/01Media2021-03-01 17:53:57
Want to sound like a leader? Start by saying your name right by Laura Sicola2021/03/01Media2021-03-01 17:45:51
How to sound smart in your TEDx talk by Will Stephen2021/03/01Media2021-03-01 13:48:17
The puzzle of motivation by Dan Pink2021/03/01Media2021-03-01 13:37:22
World Cafe – How to run a World Cafe2021/02/26Tools2021-02-26 12:08:03
World Cafe Guidelines infographic2021/02/26Tools2021-02-26 10:05:38
Use 3D Technique to solve problems2021/02/25Tips2021-02-25 18:05:38
Productivity – once a day do 3 things2021/02/25Tips2021-02-25 16:05:38
Great interview question – What is your secret weapon2021/02/25Tips2021-02-25 14:05:38
Comfort zone to Growth zone2021/02/25Tips2021-02-25 12:05:38
TREAT – 5 elements of a great talk2021/02/25Tips2021-02-25 10:00:12
PEP THEM UP – bolster self esteem2021/02/24Tips2021-02-24 18:03:33
Ways to manage up even from home2021/02/24Strategies2021-02-24 16:03:33
Thrive Guide to stay focused in challenging times2021/02/24Strategies2021-02-24 14:03:34
Distraction busting for the easily distracted2021/02/24Strategies2021-02-24 12:03:33
Undercover or in the Spotlight2021/02/24Questions2021-02-24 10:03:33
Pooh and Piglet2021/02/23Inspirations2021-02-23 18:01:58
To the women – book of poems by Donna Ashworth2021/02/23Inspirations2021-02-23 16:01:58
The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp2021/02/23Inspirations2021-02-23 14:01:58
How we measure and a better measure of success2021/02/23Inspirations2021-02-23 12:01:59
I’m a fighter – WTO apoints first woman first African chief2021/02/23Inspirations2021-02-23 10:01:59
What people think running a business is – What it actually is like2021/02/22Inspirations2021-02-22 18:06:49
We need bold moves2021/02/22Articles2021-02-22 16:01:02
3 ways to become a better leader2021/02/22Articles2021-02-22 14:06:48
be Halina’d in an hour2021/02/22Articles2021-02-22 12:06:48
What is the future of work after COVID-192021/02/22Articles2021-02-22 10:00:48
Listen completely2021/02/19Tips2021-02-19 18:08:34
How to reap big returns from 15 minute meetings2021/02/19Tips2021-02-19 15:59:39
How to create balance day to day2021/02/19Tips2021-02-19 14:50:39
4 Top Tips to Get employers to pick you2021/02/19Tips2021-02-19 12:42:56
Setting goals during a pandemic2021/02/19Strategies2021-02-19 10:21:16
Mind Opening Wisdom of Office Improv2021/02/18Strategies2021-02-18 18:21:25
Managing Up: How to Deal With a Bad Boss During Quarantine2021/02/18Strategies2021-02-18 16:21:37
Hacks to manage email effectively2021/02/18Strategies2021-02-18 14:21:42
Goals vs Purpose2021/02/18Strategies2021-02-18 12:21:48
Six essentials for teamwork success2021/02/18Strategies2021-02-18 10:21:53
Never ever give up2021/02/17Inspirations2021-02-17 18:00:48
Dont throw away the broken pieces – use mistakes instead2021/02/17Inspirations2021-02-17 16:47:19
17 UN Sustainable Development Goals2021/02/17Inspirations2021-02-17 14:46:38
Why your work place bestie matters2021/02/17Articles2021-02-17 12:45:54
Why virtual team building exercises feel agonising2021/02/17Articles2021-02-17 10:34:54
Possibility not positivity – Leading in tough times2021/02/16Articles2021-02-16 18:11:36
Cultivate your digital confidence2021/02/16Articles2021-02-16 16:11:24
Can exercise make you more creative2021/02/16Articles2021-02-16 14:11:07
Build in flexibility2021/02/16Articles2021-02-16 12:10:54
Both sides lie in job interviews2021/02/16Articles2021-02-16 10:10:08
Black Women Aren’t Saving America For You. They’re Protecting Themselves2021/02/15Articles2021-02-15 17:09:58
12 Leadership Lessons2021/02/15Articles2021-02-15 16:03:58
YOUR NEXT BOSS: MORE HARMONY, LESS AUTHORITY2021/02/15Articles2021-02-15 13:57:46
How the pandemic could redefine our productivity obsession2021/02/15Articles2021-02-15 12:49:20
How talking to yourself can help2021/02/15Articles, Communication2021-02-15 10:47:50
What’s in your backpack?2021/02/14Toolkit2021-02-14 17:34:55
The Philosophy of Ikigai: 3 Examples About Finding Purpose2021/02/14Articles2021-02-14 17:28:27
Music at work: Help or hindrance?2021/02/14Inspirations2021-02-14 17:07:16
Gratitude changes everything2021/02/14Inspirations2021-02-14 17:03:18
5 minutes of self care2021/02/14Tips2021-02-14 16:35:32
How to lead in a crisis2021/02/14Media2021-02-14 16:29:34
Team Up, Fail Well, Learn Fast & Repeat2021/02/14Articles2021-02-14 16:24:52
How to turn a group of strangers into a team2021/02/14Media2021-02-14 16:14:06
What is Takes to Lead2021/02/14Media2021-02-14 16:09:24
How to avoid digital overload2021/02/14Tips2021-02-14 15:45:47
How to work with someone you cant stand2021/02/14Strategies2021-02-14 15:34:18
How to set clear boundaries and stick to them2021/02/11Strategies2021-02-11 10:08:25
Navigating high-stress work moments2021/02/10Strategies2021-02-10 21:07:15
Giving tough feedback to your boss2021/02/10Strategies2021-02-10 20:51:35
How to handle your performance review in the middle of a pandemic2021/02/10Strategies2021-02-10 20:39:17
Focus on wellbeing2021/02/10Strategies2021-02-10 11:39:59
Facing adversity how to pull yourself up2021/02/10Strategies2021-02-10 11:17:06
Best ideas are often the last2021/02/10Strategies2021-02-10 10:34:17
Virtual need trust or no team2021/02/10Tools2021-02-10 10:20:32
5 top tips for keeping your mind in shape2021/02/09Strategies2021-02-09 19:20:06
The Invitation2021/02/08Inspirations2021-02-08 21:05:29
The Creative Habit2021/02/08Inspirations2021-02-08 16:38:24
Persuasion and Influence2021/02/08Articles2021-02-08 12:29:23
The key to long-term success2021/02/08Articles2021-02-08 10:56:11
Reflecting is a useful tool2021/02/03Tools2021-02-03 12:02:42
Cinderella slipper effect2021/02/03Strategies2021-02-03 10:38:01
When words catch the winds of change2021/02/02Inspirations2021-02-02 20:06:42
The hill we climb2021/02/02Inspirations2021-02-02 19:58:44
Case Studies and Testimonials at the end of a Coaching Programme2021/02/02Inspirations2021-02-02 19:37:10
Five steps to make the COVID-19 social protection and jobs responses work better for women2021/02/02Inspirations2021-02-02 11:44:18
Leadership Teams – books to research2021/02/02Inspirations2021-02-02 11:14:55
Leadership Books2021/02/02Inspirations2021-02-02 10:06:20
Redefine failure2021/02/01Articles2021-02-01 14:22:10
Six Essential lessons for female leaders2021/02/01Articles2021-02-01 12:17:07
How to Keep Your Cool in High-Stress Situations2021/02/01Articles2021-02-01 10:15:46
Vision board inc for year ahead2021/01/29Tools2021-01-29 17:02:00
SWOT analysis2021/01/29Tools2021-01-29 16:42:34
Requests and Promises for commitments2021/01/29Tools2021-01-29 10:57:40
Message words tone body give exercise2021/01/28Tools2021-01-28 17:11:16
Leadership – Dilt’s Logical Levels of Change2021/01/28Tools2021-01-28 16:01:19
Intentions into reality2021/01/28Tools2021-01-28 14:48:54
Create commitments for all aspects of your life2021/01/28Tools2021-01-28 12:25:38
Communication – Guardian article2021/01/28Tools2021-01-28 10:21:33
Change Management2021/01/27Tools2021-01-27 22:05:52
Brand You exercise2021/01/27Tools2021-01-27 15:23:35
Energy Enhancers2021/01/27Tips2021-01-27 13:15:29
Using the cycles of the year2021/01/27Tips2021-01-27 12:59:07
Power of 5 Good things2021/01/27Tips2021-01-27 10:45:37
Goal setting the SMARTIES way2021/01/26Tips2021-01-26 20:54:02
Forgiveness2021/01/26Tips2021-01-26 20:46:19
Follow the breath2021/01/26Tips2021-01-26 20:40:17
Effectiveness 10 – 7 – 32021/01/26Tips2021-01-26 20:34:21
Every CV tells a story2021/01/26Tips2021-01-26 20:26:08
Unlearning bad habits is key2021/01/26Tips2021-01-26 20:20:25
Change the energy exercise2021/01/25Tips2021-01-25 18:04:47
Body Language Digital Style2021/01/25Tips2021-01-25 17:27:34
Blogging par excellence2021/01/25Tips2021-01-25 16:45:02
Uncovering, Dealing with and Transforming Fear2021/01/22Inspirations2021-01-22 18:27:53
Smarties effect for taking action2021/01/22Strategies2021-01-22 17:10:42
Strategic thinking for teams2021/01/22Strategies2021-01-22 16:01:44
Simplify by saying no2021/01/22Strategies2021-01-22 14:46:46
Perspectives2021/01/22Strategies2021-01-22 10:27:45
Impact – Ho do you get people’s attention2021/01/22Strategies2021-01-22 09:41:08
Ho’oponopono2021/01/21Strategies2021-01-21 17:38:57
Great objections busted2021/01/21Strategies2021-01-21 16:05:00
Good day Bad day – Behavioural Preferences2021/01/21Strategies2021-01-21 14:38:43
Assertiveness2021/01/21Strategies2021-01-21 12:49:09
Action Learning for a virtual world2021/01/21Strategies2021-01-21 10:48:21
Action Learning Explained2021/01/20Strategies2021-01-20 17:19:08
About perspective2021/01/20Strategies2021-01-20 15:11:20
Wisdom Access Questions2021/01/20Questions2021-01-20 12:03:40
Ones to provoke thinking2021/01/20Questions2021-01-20 11:48:08
Great questions to clear blocks2021/01/20Questions2021-01-20 10:00:39
Equality of Opportunity to discuss2021/01/19Questions2021-01-19 20:58:26
Discovery & Innovation Questions2021/01/19Questions2021-01-19 20:48:33
Ask yourself with fierce courage2021/01/19Questions2021-01-19 19:57:16
5 Hot concerns of major companies2021/01/19Questions2021-01-19 19:45:03
Guide to white privilege2021/01/18Media2021-01-18 17:21:27
2015: THREE TRENDS THAT SHAPED OUR THINKING By Tina Schneidermann, COO, Hot Spots Movement2021/01/18Inspirations2021-01-18 17:02:01
Using provocations to stimulate lateral thinking2021/01/18Inspirations2021-01-18 16:47:43
Until one is committed2021/01/18Inspirations2021-01-18 16:19:47
The magic of connections2021/01/15Inspirations2021-01-15 15:50:45
Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable2021/01/15Inspirations2021-01-15 11:49:55
Leadership – Turn the ship around2021/01/15Inspirations2021-01-15 11:38:22
Journey of 1000 miles2021/01/14Inspirations2021-01-14 17:24:35
Four Agreements Code for life2021/01/14Inspirations2021-01-14 15:13:28
Choices are powerful2021/01/14Inspirations2021-01-14 12:07:04
Brené Brown quote2021/01/14Inspirations2021-01-14 10:03:08
5 words can change the world2021/01/14Inspirations2021-01-14 08:56:53
The Coaching Contract2021/01/13Articles2021-01-13 17:32:45
Resilience2021/01/13Articles2021-01-13 16:25:04
Psychological safety – results of research2021/01/13Articles2021-01-13 15:16:50
How to act like a leader – Herminia Ibarra2021/01/13Articles2021-01-13 11:57:03
Executive Leadership Coaching – Career Progression Development2021/01/13Articles2021-01-13 08:55:01
Contracts and agreements2021/01/12Articles2021-01-12 18:41:17
Coaching Stats Shocks Challenge2021/01/12Articles2021-01-12 15:35:32
The art of branding – Guy Kawasaki2021/01/12Articles2021-01-12 14:17:18
Makeover Magic 12 Steps to success2021/01/12Articles2021-01-12 12:06:39
Improve your personal brand and brand reputation2021/01/12Articles2021-01-12 10:35:22
How to build your Brand Anatomy2021/01/11Articles2021-01-11 17:10:45
4 Top Tips for a Powerful Brand2021/01/11Articles2021-01-11 17:02:12
How Did Your First 90 Days Go?2021/01/11Articles2021-01-11 16:52:28
7 P’s to start your business: James Caan of Dragon’s Den2021/01/11Articles2021-01-11 16:42:57
Cognitive Dissonance2021/01/11Articles2021-01-11 16:34:40
Square peg, round peg, square hole, round hole2021/01/03Inspirations2021-01-03 16:30:58
Quotes on Change to inspire leaders2021/01/03Inspirations2021-01-03 16:21:31
Two tango aficionados were asked what Tango means to them2021/01/03Inspirations2021-01-03 16:12:47
What can leaders learn from the Tango?2021/01/03Inspirations2021-01-03 16:09:13
Tango A-Z2021/01/03Inspirations2021-01-03 16:04:49
How should CEOs solicit employee feedback2020/12/11Articles2020-12-11 16:40:47
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Kate Redshaw Burges Salmon‘I always come away from any discussion with Halina with a concrete, achievable method for changing things for the better – if you’re in a thicket, Halina’s wise words will always help you to navigate through’.2020/11/20Testimonials2020-11-20 15:56:38
Patricia Patilla Sanchez Development Engineer Rolls Royce‘Halina gave me the courage to review the contracts that I made with myself. I identified how these define my behaviour, to take action when necessary’.2020/11/20Testimonials2020-11-20 15:55:38
Shifting listening to hearing2020/11/20Communication2020-11-20 11:02:18
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The secret to living longer may be your social life – 16.02 minutes2020/09/19Strategies, Relationships2020-09-19 15:24:49
Your body language may shape who you are – 21.02 minutes2020/09/19Confidence, Strategies2020-09-19 15:17:41
Why we have too few women leaders – 15.28 minutes2020/09/18Questions, Media2020-09-18 15:52:18
Laws that aren’t laws2020/09/18Tips2020-09-18 15:28:33
Laws that aren’t really laws2020/09/18Articles2020-09-18 15:23:50
Insult response – Highest Quality – 5.14 minutes2020/09/14Solutions, Media2020-09-14 21:03:29
The secret to living longer may be your social life – 16.02 minutes2020/09/14Media2020-09-14 20:59:54
Your body language may shape who you are – 21.02 minutes2020/09/14Media2020-09-14 20:58:15
What starts here changes the world – 10 lessons2020/09/14Media2020-09-14 15:45:25
Action not words2020/09/14Inspirations2020-09-14 15:30:45
Why choose Halina for your coach?2020/09/12Articles2020-09-12 18:26:53
Halina’s Coaching Approach2020/09/12Articles2020-09-12 18:00:28
Linda Hoskinson MD of a Nationwide HR Service Organisation‘Establishing a warm relationship Halina made it easy to address important issues, supportive, listened extremely well, moving the process on at a pace which met my expectations’.2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:19:11
Senior Manager, Printing Company‘You made me think. You pushed me, but in a gentle way. Gave me confidence in myself. I now know that I can, not that I can’t. I now speak out at meetings. You taught me how to deal with colleagues, especially the difficult ones.2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:17:53
Senior Partner, Law Firm‘Coaching helped me clarify my thinking, focus, prioritise issues around my private and business lives. Most importantly recognising the importance of making time to continue this process. I am confidently ambitious’.2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:16:20
Operations Manager / Senior Management Team Ovation Finance‘Listens well. Her role is not to give you answers but to provide a forum for the client to figure it out. I highly recommend Halina to any business.’2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:13:23
Senior Learning and Development Advisor UK Charity‘Enjoyable, challenging. Through Halina’s skilful questioning, I feel I explored my goal practical solutions already applied. I now ask myself “what am I going to do today to have fun” making sure ‘I live into this’. 2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:11:25
Partnerships Director, Recruitment‘How inspiring you were. How refreshing to be able take a different perspective to current challenges I face in a leadership role. I appreciate the ‘takeaways’ from just one session’.2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:07:32
Head of Interpretation, Museums & Galleries Sector‘Inspiring, empowering listened attentively quick to cut through to the heart of the matter, offer insights and practical advice to start putting into use immediately’.2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:06:33
Louise Ladbroke, Business West‘Halina really gets people, cleverly helps them recognise their own behaviours and identify what’s holding them, their business, team, organisation, career back’.2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:02:42
A Starkie Forensic Scientist‘Proof is in the pudding: I have emerged from this process with a clearer appreciation of my personality traits, an ability to appreciate, also celebrate my unique skill set. Result: secured a future in my desired job sector’. 2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:01:59
Lou Wade Lloyds Banking Group Sales ProfessionalsNot what I expected. On reflection just what I needed. Dealt with a request to take on some additional tasks. I managed to negotiate timeframe to suit me and support to do the leg works. That was different!2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 13:00:52
Vice President, Container Management‘Opportunity to discuss issues with completely objective listener is invaluable. Test out thinking. Learn about yourself. Everything can be applied to all aspects of your life’.2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 12:59:44
Martin Jarritt, Chairman & CEO Worklife Partnerships Ltd‘As a businessman I value outcomes. Halina certainly afforded me the opportunity to achieve clarity of thinking enabling me to change my life for the better’.  2020/09/10Testimonials2020-09-10 12:57:38
The Johari Window Model2020/09/09Toolkit, Communication, Strategies2020-09-09 17:55:23
Systemic Constellations2020/09/09Toolkit, Tools2020-09-09 17:49:20
Appreciative Inquiry (AI)2020/09/09Toolkit, Tools2020-09-09 17:20:12
Senior Manager, International Business Development‘Take time to review myself. A necessary luxury. Improving personally, together with my team. Ultimately business benefits – higher sales, greater productivity. I can’t tell you the impact that the coaching process has had’!2020/09/05Testimonials2020-09-05 14:03:32
Board Director, Publishing CompanyCoaching has given me a real insight into my core values and behaviour both in my eyes and those around me. My team and colleagues certainly noticed the difference! 2020/09/05Testimonials2020-09-05 14:02:34
Strategic & Business Development, Publishing Company‘Halina’s excellent coaching has been extremely helpful and useful during very trying times. I’m confident it’s helped me develop benefitting the whole business.’ 2020/08/06Testimonials2020-08-06 16:44:08
Head of International Licensing, Publishing Company‘As a result of coaching, my decision-making process has definitely improved. Halina has a great questioning technique that ensures you come up with solutions to problems yourself’. 2020/08/06Testimonials2020-08-06 16:43:17