Strategic Consultant Role

 Case Study & Testimonial

David Rigby Director Smart Coaching Training Ltd

I brought Halina Jaroszewska into Smart Coaching & Training in order to help with a new brand launch which necessitated taking a very strategic view of our organisational objectives.  

With a formidable coaching background with businesses and leaders plus an ability to hone in on gaps, pick up nuances of what was needed to take our next business steps, Halina segued neatly into the Strategic Consultant role.  She really helped us focus on our goals and objectives, insisting we clarify the vision to implement them. With an uncanny ability to identify what’s not said yet intended she helps articulate that into clear, challenging, desired outcomes. We were not allowed off the hook! 

We have two directors with different skills and often in different countries. While I don’t think we have ever had an argument, Halina is very good at recognising and defusing situations before they arise. She is very polite and very direct with an ability to tease out results; she will find many different ways to remind you which growth track you claim you are on, and to ask whether what you are doing actually is supporting the goals. We all know each other well, but that does not prevent Halina being professional in helping us to achieve, rather it just gives her new routes to coach and support us.

With great encouragement Halina reminds us to celebrate success.  I doubt whether we would be as focused and professional in our ambitions without her guiding hand gently but firmly both reminding us and helping us to sort ourselves out.

Acting as an elegant combination of cheerleader/referee, giving gently provocative support for us in deciding on and initiating next steps, Halina has been elemental to Smart Coaching Training’s success in building an excellent brand, helping define our products, and set out our strategic goals.

Thoroughly recommended!