C-me Behavioural Preference Profiling Case Study 28.04.22

Using C-me Behavioural Preference Profiles during a coaching programme for a Regional Director (RD) of national media organisation to enhance team communications, build cohesion and collaboration towards achieving operational objectives, we had great results.
Having completed her own C-me profile, the RD immediately saw the value of using C-me with her team. Each member competed their own profile. The results were plotted on a Team Wheel which immediately revealed key facts.
Intriguingly the most obvious outcome was the team discovering what they were missing. They were very strong in certain attributes however lacked particular skill sets to get the best overall group performance. A recruitment selection was then based on this ‘skills gap’, providing them with a key team member to create a more effective team structure.
Further discoveries were understanding how to 1. better interact as a team,
2. play well to individual strengths, 3. delegate more effectively. Knowing their own behavioural and communication preferences, then working with their coach developing the insights further, they were able to create effective relationships mindful of contextual and task differences. The team had a lot of fun working with their profiles. These became intrinsic in their own ongoing professional and personal development plans.

Outcomes from working together included the emergence of more self-directed thought in the team members, which in turn released the RD to create more efficiencies and invest time in other projects; the team appreciating their own previously unrecognised abilities and talents; the RD enhancing her own leadership style to elicit better results in a constructive way.
Discovering that leadership could be successfully implemented from the perspective of any of the 4 behavioural preferences (red, yellow, green, blue) each in their own way was a revelation.
Resilience needed in particular roles or teams or locations was highlighted via the data in the C-me reports. Being mindful when appointing or promoting was a great lesson learnt to ensure there was natural resilience to be the foundation when challenging situations arose.