What’s in your backpack?

What are the most important qualities, values, tools, tips, tricks, techniques to pack in your backpack so that when you need them access is instant? How would you answer the following questions using which strategies, inspiration and courage? Would you need to quickly add anything to your backpack to do so? What might be missing inadvertently from your backpack?

  • What has been the most important change for you during the pandemic and how have you managed it?
  • How have you created, maintained, developed connectedness? What influence has the virtual connection had?
  • On reflection if you could what would you do differently? And how will you use this learning going forward?
  • How have you managed any new or different or unexpected relationship challenges? Especially with everything suddenly being moved online?
  • What have been the benefits maybe unexpected, surprising, shockingly simple with connecting & communicating online?
  • If there is a challenge maybe miniscule maybe mega you’ve overcome this year that felt satisfying what in particular made it satisfying?
  • Of the new things have you learned, which has tickled you pink most?
  • If you gave yourself total permission with no hidden clauses which dream have you as yet to acknowledge?
  • How good are you at negotiating boundaries between you and others? AND more importantly with yourself?
  • If there were any, what qualities you’ve come to resent and why?
  • How are you with managing expectations? What gets in the way?
  • Silver lining? Where or when did you spot one no matter how miniscule or mega?
  • What was expected and didn’t happen? What didn’t you expect that happened?
  • And which question have I missed or not noticed?
  • If there is one or more dive in with delight and answer it / them?
  • Which question was most tough / challenging to answer?
  • AND which one was the one that you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole?