Committed Requests & Promises

 How to turn a possibility into an opportunity:

  • Define what you want to accomplish
  • Suppose that you have achieved it. Ask “what is the evidence, specifically – as a result?”
  • Notice what steps you would have taken and the resources you accessed to deliver it
  • Decide what you will now do to produce the desired outcome

If you want results, make more committed requests and promises to which there are only 4 responses:

  • Accept
  • Accept to do later/sooner
  • Decline
  • Counter-offer

Conditions for success for committed requests and promises:

  • a speaker
  • a listener /recipient
  • something different – not a prediction: a possibility
  • sincere intention
  • specification – heard correctly
  • agreement – accepted
  • time boundary – by when

Acknowledge achievement or breakdown


Devised by Ray Charlton – Creativity and Commitment at Work Limited