Commitments are ongoing significant quality of life shifts.

With a goal, there is a specific point in time where you have either accomplished it or not. It is measurable and specific.

                 For example: you have either increased your income by 30% by a specific date or you have not.

A commitment is not measurable. It has to do with a state or kind of being you want to create in your life.

                For example: I am committed to having joy and self-expression in my work.

Look to see what you are committed to creating in the following areas of your life.

Give them a score of how committed you are where 1 is very low and 10 is definitely going to happen.

Any score in between needs investigating as to what the score actually means eg not so important or a huge stretch?

Only you will know. Hold yourself accountable.

My Commitments:

Friends & Family  
Significant Other  
Personal Growth  
Fun & Recreation  
Physical Environment  

How did you do? How did you celebrate and reward yourself? And what’s next? Rinse and repeat ofcourse.