S M A T E – a fun technique to achieve goals and objectives hitting the sweet spot perfectly with great results.


S M A T E can be applied simply by asking 8 questions:

How specific am I?

Measurable: how will I measure my progress?

How achievable is this?

Is it realistic?

Trackable: What do I need to put in place? Date / time by when

How inspirational am I prepared to be?

What would be most exciting?

If limit free how will I make this a really special result?

Make your S M A T E 

your champion, your cheer leader, an anchor, a trigger, a prompt to encourage you 

to be 100% committed AND take action.


The S M A T E chart below is a way to record your progress. To 

  • get absolutely crystal clear on what your goal is
  • remind yourself of what you want to achieve by when
  • acknowledge the journey you will have taken
  • create the smartest working practices, behaviours, habits you can
  • be able to demonstrate what you have achieved with actual evidence
  • be the most effective leader whose team everyone wants to be part of.




Record of what’s my plan & progress

By when
























Celebrate your achievements. And rinse and repeat. 

How could you use the S M A T E technique with your team?