20 Energy Enhancers

  1. Make your boundaries big and bold
  2. De-clutter your time and do less
  3. Choose to stop putting up with things
  4. Put you first, look after your needs
  5. Take permission to dream big
  6. Big dreams happen by many tiny steps
  7. Have a budget for all areas of your life
  8. Understand your money
  9. Know what you owe and what you have
  10. Be honest with yourself
  11. Have a safety cushion for any eventuality
  12. Savings provide a feeling of security
  13. Exercise must needs be a lifestyle choice
  14. Any exercise counts
  15. Do the exercise you enjoy
  16. Exercise and variety are a magic combination
  17. Create balance in all areas of your life
  18. Expect all areas of your life to be healthy and trim
  19. Be prepared to put in the commitment to yourself
  20. Have everything spark joy

Top tips:

  • Read through the list
  • Which one/s resonate for you? Pop out and demand your attention?
  • Which do your eyes glaze over and slide by?
  • Choose where you will start – maybe with one or two.
  • Experiment and discover what emerges?