That elusive element everyone searches for what are the keys?

How DO you get people’s attention? 24 ways to impact in a good way of course by …


  1. leading with the headline making sure it is a positive one.
  2. cutting through the noise with a consistent brand. Check out what is your brand? What do people say about you when you are not in the room is a question that Jeff Bezos poses.
  3. speaking up which is a vital ingredient if you want to progress in your career.
  4. making sure if you are a woman to get the sound of a female voice heard before a meeting starts so as to enable people to tune their hearing to a different timbre.
  5. developing character traits that will help you both build and maintain success. Take a moment to note what you think those wining traits might be. Observe those around you regarding wining character traits they use.
  6. being a connector, great for memorability. Certainly not be being miserly with your connections. Remember what you freely give freely comes back to you. The more generous you are with sharing your connections the more bounty will arrive at your door.
  7. developing strategies for building a strong, wide-reaching, relevant, interesting network.
  8. applying celebrity branding to everyday life. Ditch playing it small. Ditch being modest. Ditch the not-blowing-your-own-trumpet. Ditch being the best-kept-secret. It’s time to take your place centre stage to be the star in your life, work, business, organisation.
  9. making it all about them.
  10. invoking the power of the ask. If people don’t know what you want how can they help you achieve it?
  11. getting over yourself, letting go of beliefs you love giving permission to limit you and keep you playing small.
  12. being consistent, by delivering on deadlines, by creating ideas, by communicating clearly and frequently so people are informed and not kept in the dark, by being present, in the moment giving your full attention, by being playful thus keeping a lightness of touch.
  13. finding something to ask about, to be curious about and genuinely being interested in the answer.
  14. making a reference in your comms to something personal to indicate that you have actually listened. Make notes in meetings, make notes on people you meet. Help other people communicate effectively by demonstrating good practice – eye contact, shake hands, repeat their name to help you remember it. Use the James Bond effect to help people remember yours – so say I’m [your first name] pause, then repeat saying [first name last name].
  15. compliment, compliment, compliment – AND mean it
  16. being firm and fair. Be clear about your why. Be clear as to why the decision has been made.
  17. being generous. Be a giver. The more you connect people the more connections will come your way.
  18. getting to the point clearly and succinctly. Be tight and bright. For example: I’ve got an idea. I feel we should do it this way for these reasons.
  19. being confident and if you don’t feel confident use the ‘act as if’ technique.
  20. if things go wrong take the heat quickly, learn from the mistake and move on. Top tip: take ownership.
  21. being authentic. Be vulnerable.
  22. using the two ears you have 50% more than you engage your mouth
  23. remembering people will always remember how you made them feel so genuinely being interested in the other person
  24. simply being YOU! Everything you do everyday communicates YOU and your brand.