Great Objections – busted

And you will without doubt

  • recognise many of these objections. Oooops!
  • have used one or more yourself or heard your colleagues or team members use them. Drat!
  • be able to add many more favourite, really well used, predictable, ultimately annoying ones. Sigh!

Great, well-polished, perfectly timed objections are brilliant at re-railing anything, of casting doubt on whatever, stopping a discussion in its tracks, inviting descent down a rabbit hole or creating confusion.

All good fun in one sense. Hugely time wasting in another. Solutions essential.

Objections are essentially flagging up that more information is needed.

Top tip! Ask clarifying questions such as

  • What has brought you to think that / come to that conclusion?
  • If that was so / the case how might it help us move forward?
  • Thank you for making us stop and think this through. How can we, by listing all the reasons why not, discover solutions?