Cinderella slipper effect

All about finding right foot for that slipper – great metaphor to use re recruitment; creating teams; choosing leaders; discovering what works best.

The right fit:

How often do we:

  • try and fit into someone else’s preferred way of doing things?
  • forget to check our behavioural preferences, how we work best?
  • get despondent because whatever ‘it’ is doesn’t work for us, but works for them?
  • continue, continue, continue doing whatever it is and getting nowhere apart from frustrated?
  • say STOP this madness?
  • pause before we throw the baby out with the bath water?
  • reflect, rethink and reboot?
    • Reflect – work through what about whatever it is works well for us.
    • Rethink – selecting what works well and could work even better to create the best whatever it is for us.
    • Reset – which can be tough as we love to stay the same – change evokes resistance.

My latest Cinderella slipper moment came when I bought in a planning system which has remained unused as it doesn’t make sense to me as not how I work.

It makes complete sense to the originator because:

  1. they created it
  2. perfect for how they work
  3. offers nirvana and a great income generator as everyone is looking for the answer, the magic bullet.

My choice moment arrived. Struggle to fit into someone else’s Cinderella slipper or …. drum roll … learn the lesson for once and for all NOT to be swayed by the seemingly irresistible.

Result having reflected and rethought a reset was needed in order to reboot planning strategies that work for me. Hurrah! and it all started with ‘colour code’ it.  A simple strategy and extraordinarily revealing as to how I plan my time. Definitely from February 1st my time planner is a thing of blissfulness and beauty in which I have created time to think, to work on interesting projects and the ability to say no to that which doesn’t fit with my plan.

There are elements that will be useful at some point – a great investment to discover how engaging, blind-siding, irresistible, ‘that next shiny thing’ can be. Have I got the message? YES. I have.

Often, we need to have, do, be things to work out what isn’t right for us.

My web developer and I were talking about planning. As an aside how colour coding things works for her.

Light bulb moment!

My personal Cinderella slipper effect:

Step 1: Design a spreadsheet for a month. Monday – Friday with 30 minute intervals from 08.00 – 20.00.

Step 2: Input all appointments.

Step 3: Colour code each appointment.

Step 4: Be shocked, surprised, at what is predominantly absorbing time.

Step 5: With a clear visual start to plan more effectively, efficiently, effortlessly in alignment with one’s values, preferences, goals

Now the next phase is ready to emerge … more on that later as it evolves.