How to find your voice?


John Farmer sings You’re the voice – try and understand it



What of these usual suspects are challenges that pop up in your life?

  •  Managing time effectively so that it works for you
  • Prioritise and diary protect time to think in fast moving, challenging, uncertain times
  • Discovering confidence and using it confidently
  • Promotion potential – how to spot it and more importantly to retain and develop it
  • Team development – for teams that work as smooth as silk
  • Leading change
  • Managing change
  • Designing new leadership styles relevant for the situation
  • Identifying behaviour triggers, how to manage them?
  • Behaviour / mindset/ way of thinking / habit – which to invite in or eliminate from your life
  • Personal brand – what’s the essence of BRAND YOU? Which object embodies it? Why did you choose it?
  • Presentation skills
  • Dealing with under-performance
  • Success – what does it look like from your perspective?
  • Strategy for next 90 days – to achieve what?
  • Bigger picture – helicopter view

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