10 pain points that leaders typically confess to be challenged by

Managing difficult team members:

Leaders often face the challenge of dealing with team members who may be difficult to work with, have conflicting priorities or impede overall team productivity.

Maintaining motivation and morale:

Keeping team members motivated and engaged in the work they are doing is another pain point for leaders, particularly during times of change or uncertainty.

Building and maintaining trust:

Trust is a key ingredient for effective leadership; leaders must build and maintain trust with their team members, stakeholders, and customers.

Managing expectations:

Leaders often have to navigate competing and sometimes conflicting expectations from different stakeholders involved in their organization, including superiors, peers, team members, and clients.

Making tough decisions:

Leaders are faced with difficult decisions on a regular basis, such as determining budgets, prioritizing projects, and making personnel decisions.

Balancing short-term and long-term goals:

Leaders need to balance the demands of short-term goals with the organization’s long-term objectives.

Time management:

Leaders often have multiple responsibilities and demands that require effective time management to ensure they are meeting all obligations.


Effective communication is critical for leadership success, but it can also be a challenge to communicate effectively across different levels of an organization or with diverse stakeholders.

Managing change:

Leaders are often tasked with leading their organization through periods of change, which can be challenging and require careful planning and execution.

Dealing with uncertainty:

Leaders are faced with high levels of uncertainty in business and must be able to adapt and make decisions in uncertain environments.


Questions to consider:

Which of the 10 most resonates with you?

Your top 3 of the 10 are? That if they were solved you would be delighted.

You are shocked that your most challenging pain point didn’t make the 10! What is it?

What might be a miniscule first step to take with each of the 10 to start making a difference?

How might you source support to help you?