Gratitude changes everything

 by Rebecca Minkoff

Words of appreciation go a long way in the professional world, says founder and designer Rebecca Minkoff.

“It’s a simple truth, really: Be thankful when someone does something great for you. ‘Thank you’ are two of the most meaningful words in life and business.”

Is it 10 yet? It’s the hour I look forward to most every morning. We’ve had an all-hands executive call every day since March to share what the 8 of us are working on and how we can support each other. I am constantly in awe of the heroic way our team has rallied to survive the hurricane that is 2020 and still manage to grow. Like many, we were looking down the throat of going under and this team rose up to shift the tides. My gratitude for them fuelled me to keep forging ahead and reminded me that silver linings exist even during dark times. 

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