Our chakra system and how they show up in business meetings

How our energy system works when we are in a meeting. What might be different now that meetings are virtual? What do you notice? How can you adjust how you feel, respond, react? What do you need to be mindful of … for example being stuck in one level of chakra energy thus missing chunks of what is happening in the meeting?

Base Chakra:

We enter a business meeting. Is it comfortable? Where is safest place to sit? In a virtual situation – video on or not; what do we wear; what is our background; how to deal with/mitigate interruptions for us to feel comfortable

 Sacral Chakra:

We analyse our relationship with those present. Will there be any power struggles and if so with whom? How can we defuse these? What do we need to do, what action do we need to choose?         

Solar Plexus:

We brace to present our data or defend our position without losing control of situation/feeling intimidated by it.

Heart Chakra:

We experience the need to be accepted and appreciated. How can we recognise when this happens?

Throat Chakra:

We want to make our mark and a worthwhile contribution. How can we make sure that this happens? What forward planning / preparation do we need to do?

Third Eye:

We need to think clearly in order to be successful. What will help us to think clearly? Being on time for example; being prepared; being aware of how others in the meeting are.

Crown Chakra:

On leaving we evaluate how we did, how any decisions made will affect our lives.