An interesting take on a well written about subject on which mega amounts of views, perspectives,
trainings etc have been added to the bank of knowledge or received wisdom
Written by Halina Jaroszewska 

It is always a good day for cake. That’s for sure.

You might not like cake. You might not like a particular cake. You might have a favourite cake. You might love baking cakes. You might enjoy sharing the cakes that you bake. You might ….

It is however always a good day for cake. That’s when choice clicks in. Even though it might be a good day for cake you have the choice to eat cake or not eat cake.

It’s always a good day for cake is a great metaphor for our mindset. In that we can always choose to have a positive mindset. An open mindset. An engaged mindset. A growth mindset.

We can always choose to have it be a good day. Tough as that it at times. We can always find a smidgen of good in a day even if it is simply that we took a breath.

And it is a choice always. A choice that sometimes we certainly don’t want to make. As we feel it’s not fair, that it’s all too much, that the odds are stacked against us, that there’s why me … why is it happening to me?

To find the difference that will make the difference is often a challenge. Maybe it starts with the simple principle of being easy on ourselves. Appreciating ourselves. Finding something to be in gratitude about. And as Rumi wrote the words & Leonard Cohen sang them … there’s a crack in everything that’s where the light gets in.

How can you find the crack in your mindset that will let the light in?