Improve your personal brand and your brand reputation online

1. Assess:

Google yourself and answer these questions:
– Are the results relevant and up to date?
– Does it say who you are? Does it communicate a consistent image?
– Are there important things (achievements) missing?
– Do the pictures/ video support your image?

If you don’t like the results, then getting rid of the results you don’t like takes time, by creating content that Google prefers over the other articles (see step 3).

Tip: Never use an image of someone or something else (your children, pets, famous people, objects, etc) to represent who you are.

2. Position:

You need to define who you are – your profession and your passion. Write down three to five words that describe you the best. Think of your past achievements, the way you work in a team, and your role. What do you want to be known for and what do you want to come to people’s minds when they think of you?

Tip: Make sure you use the words you choose as ‘key words’ in any content you create and publish online. This increases your chance of being found online based upon what you want to be known for.

3. Content creation:

Create your story. It should include your background and why you do the things you do. It should be short and relevant. Written with extra punch to engage readers. Here you can read my story. Create pictures and video relevant to your personal brand. Remember images should reinforce written content. For example, if you are passionate about sustainability, don’t take pictures in your office, but in a park. If you are a public speaker, use pictures from events you’ve spoken at.

Tip: You can create your own video relatively easy thanks to built-in HD video cameras on your phone. Apps like videoBIO help you to create, edit and promote your video.

4. Streamline any existing content:

Upload relevant presentations or publications. Presentations should always be short (10 slides max) your name should be in the title of your documents and enrich them with one- liners and infographics. Slideshare is a good platform to upload presentations. From Slideshare you can link to other social media. Use visuals that are explanatory of the message. Don’t use too much text.