Black Women Aren’t Saving America For You

The tide is beginning to turn in their favour, however. In 2020, America elected Kamala Harris, the first female vice president, and sent more Black women to Congress than ever before. The most recent elections also confirmed Georgia as the battleground state that local organizers knew it was, resulting in a 50-50 split in the Senate between Democrats and Republicans.

A chorus of “Black women saved us again” tweets dominated Twitter timelines the morning after the Georgia runoffs. But here’s the truth: Black women aren’t showing up to save America. They’re showing up to save themselves.

“Black women are the architects of our democracy, and they’ve been doing that since the suffrage movement,” said Glynda Carr, CEO and co-founder of Higher Heights, a political action committee dedicated to electing more Black women. “At that movement-building table, knowing they weren’t going to reap the benefits of the 19th Amendment, they knew that they were building the foundation literally for the modern-day Black women activists of 2020.”

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