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At a time when I was taking on a new senior role with greater responsibilities, coaching provided an opportunity to reflect on my leadership style and find new techniques and approaches that could better my performance, well-being and position, both within the organisation and with my peers.

With Halina, I became aware of doubtful language that was hindering my communication – I’ve worked hard to wipe this out, opting for a positively direct approach, or as Halina would put it – compassionately ruthless!

Although an intensive workload and the pandemic have made some of my ambitions from the coaching challenging, I have found other avenues to meet with and build relationships with important stakeholders which is helping both my confidence and the project overall.

On a team level, Halina’s guidance on assertiveness with junior colleagues has meant I now delegate more efficiently, let go of control a little more, but equally am better at holding the team to account.

Leadership will be a continued learning curve for me.

Halina’s coaching has given me the foundation and confidence I needed to step up.

 Deputy Project Director, National Museums & Galleries