2021 LinkedIn Learnings Workplace Learning Report

Reflections, thoughts, questions on reading it
by Halina Jaroszewska

The facts:

  • The Workplace Learning Report is now in its 5th
  • 3000+ professionals in 37 countries were spoken to.
  • Quest was to uncover the latest trends shaping organizations.

To read the full report click this link: 2021 Workplace Learning Report | LinkedIn Learning

Key highlights from the 5th report in 2021:

  • More than keeping seat at the table with leading the conversation and the new world of work
  • Learning has moved front and centre as a workplace priority.
  • LinkedIn Learning evidenced this with number of learners doubling.
  • Workforce is being agile quickly adapting to the massive changes in the world.
  • 59% of L&D professionals, said upscaling & rescaling are a top priority in 2021.
  • 37 countries asserted that 2 most important skills:
  1. Resilience 2. Digital fluency.
  • Challenge is how to build these 2 skills effectively & quickly within organisations.
  • ‘Engaged learning’ is the way forward demanded by our new world of work
  • And employees who learn collaboratively, are more successful.

Amazing projection from World Economic Forum: 85 million jobs lost, and 97 million new jobs created by 2025 many of which will require brand new skills.

Conclusion: “We are entering the golden age of L&D. Let’s dive in. Golden Age of L&D It sounds like a documentary waiting to happen” says LinkedIn Learning.

To read the full report click this link: 2021 Workplace Learning Report | LinkedIn Learning

3 Questions:

  • What if instead of ‘up or re-scaling’ the term used was new skilling?
  • Language is crucial. The words used are hugely influential. How does use of the positive new skilling term create a willingness to change and develop?
  • Versus the ‘up or re-scaling’ which implies a lack in the individual. Whereas it is something new that is needed. Either a different skill or different approach. How aware are we of the impact of the words that we use?